Floodlight Cam Siren Delay TOO LONG

Why does it take 30 seconds before I sound the siren on my floodlights cams?

In 30 seconds the situation can escalate vs scaring away an intruder. If your trying to prevent unintended activation, great but if I want the siren to go off I should have the option to override and activate the siren immediately.

Trying to contact this once startup company that jumped through hoops to make make ME a customer makes me feel like Ring is MY customer… I had to go through the thought and verbiage police just to post this (I must have used a bad word).

Get over yourself! I AM THE CUSTOMER

Hi @trstack ! The siren should activate on your Floodlight Cam almost immediately. How is your network connection? Any delay between pressing the button to activate the sound may be contributed to network / interference. Let us know what your Device Health looks like!