Floodlight Cam Poor RSSI Even with Chime Pro

Chime pros have RSSI 22-45
Several floodlight cams have RSSI over 70 even direcly linked to Chime Pro (physical distance within 10ft)
How to solve the issue?

Good question @timic! The distance between the Chime Pro and Ring Cams definitely sounds reasonable. I recommend also ensuring there is not interfering objects between the two, such as large appliances, multiple walls, or solid furniture/ electronics. This same concept will apply to your router connection. Please also ensure there is not too much distance or interference between your router and the Chime Pro device.

If the RSSI on your Cam is still poor, the best next step will be to confirm that your Cam is properly connected to the Chime Pro by completing a new setup of the Floodlight Cam in the Ring app. During the setup, your app should request to connect to the Chime Pro.

Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: