Floodlight cam offline when cell phone is not nearby

I know this sounds weird but hear me out. I have two floodlight cams in backyard for 2.5yr working fine until recently.

Both floodlight cams are connected to the same power source and have same WiFi connection (RSSI-50). I can see both connected from Netgear Router app.

One (NOT both) of the cam started to show “offline” from Ring app from my cell. When I walk nearby with my cell (while the Ring App is open), the cam will perform “health check” and show connected in the app so it goes back to normal. The RSSI is around 48-50 so I know the signal strength is good.

After I step away ~3-5min, the cam goes back to offline and stay offline. Resetting the Wifi of this cam doesn’t help. I haven’t tried to power off the device yet.

This seems like that cam gets into Sleep mode until an App connection nearby. If I bring up the App 20ft away, it doesn’t wake up the device. I don’t think this is a WiFi issue as the Netgear app shows the devices are connected all the time even when it’s Offline.

Any suggestions?

Hi @AZchips. This is definitely strange! The location of your cell phone shouldn’t affect your Floodlight cams connection. I would try to remove power from your Floodlight cam for 3 minutes, then reconnect power. Give your Floodlight about 2 minutes to reboot, and it should resume normal function.

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