Floodlight cam not alerting

I’ve set up zones for my floodlight cam, but it doesn’t alert when a vehicle pulls in. Once a person gets out it will alert. What’s the deal with having zones if you don’t get alerts. This has only been going on the last few months

Hi @pbgp. It might be worth trying to adjust the Motion Zones if you want motion to be captured in a larger zone. Ideally the Floodlight Cam will pick up visitors that cross the Motion Zones that are set up rather than cars as much, as most neighbors typically do not want to be alerted every time a car drives by their Ring Doorbell or Camera. If you’d like, feel free to share a screenshot of what Motion Zones you have set up currently and I may be able to recommend some adjustments to help. :slight_smile:

I want to get alerts for vehicles. My cam is not close to a street so I would not get unwanted alerts. I need to be alerted to when vehicles enter my garage area.

Hi there, @pbgp! It sounds like you are utilizing an advanced motion feature, which there are quite a few of. For instance, refining your motion for people only, or other motions is something that might prevent “unwanted notifications”, as described in this Help Center article.

As each home varies from the next, there may be settings that work best if they are minimized, changed, or disabled, depending on the scenario. As you would want vehicles picked up and alerted for, any people only type settings would not obtains this. Feel free to adjust all motion settings and test each change for fine tuning. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have done a total reset of the floodlight. I’ve changed or added zones. Nothing works. This is totally ridiculous. Everything worked fine up until the date where zones had to be added. I’ve talked to support, no help. Any other suggestions. I’m ready to tear it off the wall and run over it with my truck.

Sorry to hear about this concern persisting. Our support team should have been able to find a solution for you. Feel free to share a video example of a motion, or missed motion. This will give us an idea of the view and mounting height, to make further recommendations. I recommend also to use multiple zones to cover a large area, rather than one large zone, and ensure these zones do not overlap. Feel free to check around the Community for similar topics or threads where neighbors may have shared something that will work for you.