Floodlight Cam Night Vision Makes Image Unviewable

I installed a refurbished floodlight cam a couple of days ago above my garage doors. The image during the day looks great, but as soon as it begins to get dark outside, the image turns extremely dark and has bright flashes of pink and yellow. It gets stuck like this even after the sun comes up. If I cycle power to the camera, the image is fine again until night time. What can I do?

Hey @Poopoopeepee. Do you power cycle the device at night time when this happens, or the next morning when you’ve noticed it happens? You may need to do the troubleshooting at night, and seeing if that helps. Also, for the power cycle do you just disconnect/reconnect power, or do you press and hold the setup button for 30 seconds? I recommend to try the latter if you have not tried that already, and also you can try shining a flashlight in the cam’s view during night time to see if it reverts back to normal after. Let me know if this helps!