Floodlight Cam Lights coming on constantly

I had to turn the zone down for the light to the minimum setting. It still turns on once in a while but not nearly as much as before. Anything higher than minimum it would still happen too frequently.


Thanks for your reply.

I also thought from the very beginning that it’s a bad batch of floodlight cams. Hopefully, it will help if they see that I am not the only one with these issues.

There is another discussusion that I found last night of the exact same issue, and I’ve posted some replies there and have sent the link to the level 2 that is working on this.


After calling Ring support several times over a couple days, I was able to speak directly with a Level 2 on Saturday night, and we spent about 2 hours troubleshooting and running various tests. He escalated (to software engineers).

What has been determined is

  1. It is NOT related to the sensitivity (distance) setting in the light settings. Thus not related to external motion triggers. I am glad that you have also tested and noted that this is not the issues. This has been tested more than three times by me and then by Ring several times now. They need to stop trying to test this, as it is a waste of time. Plus, reducing the functionality of the lights would not be an acceptable solution, as then an intruder would practically be in your house by the time the lights turn on. There would be no light deterrent and little hope that you get a decent picture of the intruder.

  2. It is not due to electrical issues.

  3. Neither of my floodlight cameras are able to update the firmware, even through a cellphone hotspot.

What is the firmware version for your floodlight(s)?

Can you please post your replies to the other thread? I think it would help if Ring saw in one posting that many people are having this issue.



@kjohnrussell wrote:

It is a new device, purchased about one-two months ago. Personally, I think the passive infrared (PIR) is defective on these newer versions of the floodlight cams is defective (or something).

That said, if you go into Device Settings | Light Settings | Motion Zones for Lights – this is where you can set the distance for motion sensing. This is what controls when the light comes on, not motion but PIR. I have been slowly turning this to shorter and shorter distances and that SEEMS to help, but it’s hard to say. I have mine set almost to min but my light is still going on periodically.

Just to be clear, the light sensor is NOT tied to the motion sensor. You can (as I have done) keep the motion sensitivity turned to whatever level you would like. The motion sensor is what triggers recording - lights or not.

Let me know if that helps you.



Thanks for your reply.

Our lights are going on exactly every 30 minutes, and turning down the sensitivity has not stopped it. I would also be concerned that turning the light senstivity down makes the security camera ineffective at night, as the lights wouldn’t go on until the intruder is under the lights, already in your home, or never (depending on where the lights are positioned)…

In my first set of floodlight cams, when it was windy and branches moved, I had to turn off two of the three pre-setzones. It would be helpful if the light settings had more options and precision…

@rwheelwright wrote:

I had to turn the zone down for the light to the minimum setting. It still turns on once in a while but not nearly as much as before. Anything higher than minimum it would still happen too frequently.

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I have 5 spotlight cams; I installed them in August 2019. Of the 5, one was on and off all night last night. I set all sensitivities to minimum levels, yet it continued to cycle on/off frequently.

One thing I noticed is that our air conditioner unit is almost directly below the cam. It was windy last night and the compressor fan blades were turning. Today I am going to adjust the angle of the camera and see if that helps; will report back.

Anyone ever find a solution for this? Mine is constantly turning off and on still all night.


I changed the sensor area to eliminate coverage of the air conditioner, and that worked for me. It seems the motion sensor was picking up on the fan blades being turned by the wind, even when the AC unit was not working.

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I also have had the problem with my floodlight cam light constantly turning off and on. After reading this forum, I agree with LeeA. Just to the left of my floodlight cam, I have a window AC unit, that is for my closed-in patio, and I had it running. After reading LeeA’s post, I turned that A/C unit off, and my light ceased to cycle. This camera is on the same electric circuit as the floodlight cam, but it also is close to the floodlight cam. So, I don’t know which was contributing to the on/off sequence of the light, being on the same electric circuit or picking up some “signal” from the A/C unit, but turning the A/C unit off worked. Hope this helps.

Unbelievable. alllll the functionality and a super simple button to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS NO MATER WHAT does not exist… You guys succeed so well at so much of this. But this a HUGE FAIL… so I have flood lights in my back yard but if I want to hang out at night . I have to way of easily and consistently keeping the extremely bright light from coming on… so ridiculous.


Plus one all the way…so annoying

Did this ever get resolved. I had zero problems and at some point in last 6 months or so it started going off constantly. It literally goes on and off for hours with only a few seconds in between it turning on and off. There is no motion, and I have done all the typical troubleshooting (angle change, reducing range, turning off zones) and nothing works… I finally resorted to covering up the sensor on the light… still is going off at night…

I am convinced this is a firmware issue. That is the only thing that can explain why this didnt happen for over a year and a half and then all of a sudden started happening sround the same time so many of us have started having the issue.


Our floodlight is doing the exact same. Worked fine for months than seemingly overnight the light started coming on every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

Followed the troubleshooting, adjusted floodlight angle, changed the light zone to minimum - still nothing is working. I agree with you on it being a firmware issue and hope that Ring fixes this ASAP.


Just installed one on my front drive. Having same problem. I adjusted the light zones to nearly minimum and that seemed to bring the constant on and off to a minimum
. I then went outside to see how close i had to get to have the lights turn on and i had to get to within 7 ft. Completely useless as a floodlight. I will be doing more adjustments over this weekend to see if i can find a useable solution.


I had two flood cam lights installed last fall. I am having the exact same issue described here in one of the two lights. The other one works fine. Began seeing this a few weeks ago. I have been playing with the settings with no luck. It makes the product kinda useless.

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Any solutions to this i just installed my floodlight last week and have the same issues tyvm

+1 million

Why can’t they trigger the lights on motion instead which aligns it with the notification until they make the real fix! Clearly a lot of customers have this problem. This is not the amazon way I am familiar with!


My wife and i were going to go full Ring security system 2 more floodlight cams 3 stick up cams even if we decide to stick with Ring the floodlights are out until they address this obvious problem not only have they not addressed or taken ownership of this ongoing problem they also have the problem of when you exit the live view on the floodlight cams the floodlights come on and you have to manually turn them off my neighbors are not real happy with Ring either my lights face their property
This is the only way we are going to get this fixed im highly disappointed that a company as big as Ring isnt taking more responsibility for bugs and fixes
I dont want to jump ship i have had no problems with my doorbell cam but im not sticking with a company that has a known issue and puts profit above customer service my humble opinion good luck Ring family keep us updated stay safe and healthy

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Same. Installed yesterday and the light does not turn off Overnight despite all settings adjustments. Wish I saw the forum before I bought. Will be returning.

I’m having the same issue. The first month I had it, all was well. Now, the lights keep coming on even throughout the day. I’ve tried everything, all the suggestions here and still coming on. Can I return it for a new one? I’ve had to turn it off because it’s irritating the neighbors…and me! The one in the backyard, purchased at the same time, is working perfectly.

Seem many are having issues with the lights. Mine keep turning on and off even on a bright sunny day. They tell me to reset everything and smaller zones. Still having the same problem. I just hope ring in working on this problem. Especially since once the lights burn out your done.

I am having the same issue. The light goes off for 30 seconds then turns itself back on. This annoys the heck out of neighbors and I. Only solution so far is to turn the unit off completely and loose all security functionality.