Floodlight Cam keeps restarting

I noticed last night that the light on our Floodlight Cam kept coming on every few minutes. At first we thought that the motion sensor was getting tripped even though we have the light sensitivity set to the minimum. After playing with the settings and trying to connect to the device, it looks like the unit it actually restarting constantly. If I try to “go live” when the light is on, I get the spinning wheerl and “Activating device” message, but it doesn’t connect. If I catch i at just the right moment, I can connect to the camera for a few minuttes, then the same issue starts again.

We triple checked and this is not an issue with the home electrical system. The firmware is up to date and the problems only started after the latest update to the phone SW. The device doesn’t stay active long enough to allow me to do a hard reset.

Anyone else noticing similar issues with the latest SW updates or did we have a HW failure that just happened to happen at the same time a SW update came out?

Hey @Abbie! The first thing I recommend trying is uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. This, of course, will have no effect on the Floodlight Cam lights but might improve connection requests from the app. Beyond that, checking your Floodlight Cam’s RSSI in the app’s Device Health section will confirm if the signal strength is sufficient or if there is any interference with wifi.

Check out our Community post about good RSSI for tips on how to improve the signal to your Cam.

As for the lights, having the settings minimized was a great step to take. The lights field of view for detection is 270 degrees. This means objects “out of range” can sometimes be detection or trigger lights. Other than attempting to physically adjust the Cam’s angle, trial and error will help to optimize the detection. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

My floodlight cam has started to behave just the same. Restarting by itself all over again making the lights turn on. Haven’t been able to time it, but it happens at least a few times a day, maybe even more frequent than that.

Unit is working fine otherwise and show up in the app as usual. It has previously been working for years in this setup without problems.

Did you find any solution to this?

Mine started doing the same thing in the summer. Almost exactly after the warranty expired. Now it restarts about every 10 minutes (didn’t time it precisely). I have reset to factory, added it back to the network and it repeats. I wouldn’t have a problem so much if it didn’t turn the lights on after a restart. Around the same time all my cameras with snapshots enabled started showing black boxes in the timeline, this lead me to believe it was a firmware update but not sure as another floodlight is still working fine.

I have already had to replace one floodlight because it just randomly died about a month after warranty expired (Ring offered like a $50 discount on a new one). Suffice to say, with these issue and with all the security reports of staff looking at customers video and sharing with authorities, I will be switching to Ubiquity this summer.