Floodlight Cam ignores floodlights when in night vision - giving poor quality visibility

Hi all

I was close to investing in two floodlight cams - until I checked out utube. This one in particular. (www.utube.com/watch?v=t2a6drHXxlw. ) Sorry but ring doesnt allow a URL here. This and another review states clearly that the floodlight cam DOES NOT trigger the camera to switch off night vision to the clearer day vision. It stays in night vision so the floodlights are not connected to the camera or what you see and record according to these credible reviews. This means the quality of the picvtures and recognition is poor compared to f;oodlight options. If burlaries happen mostly at night, what use is night vision especially when they wear hoodies ? If true you would have thought Ring would be up front with this. They have not. The first question I sent got a reply from someone whol cleary couldnt understand english and the second attempt (same person replying) waffled and said it does record in daylight when the floodlights come on.

I believe the seperate reviews on utube given I cant get any sense from Ring help support.

Question to the community - Can you help ? please confirm if the camera shows daylight pictures on your phone when the floodlights come on or does it stay in night vision and ignore the lights ?

many thanks in anticipation.

Hey @Ringo! The Floodlight Cam outputs 1,800 lumens of light, which should illuminate most environments. There are times where this might not brighten the area enough for the lens to adjust to a color view, which is why our devices feature night vision.

If you feel like there is enough light around the Cam, I recommend trying out the Color Night Vision feature. To do this visit your Floodlight Cam’s Device Settings in the Ring app, select Video Settings, and toggle on Color Night Vision. Let us know how this works! :slight_smile: