Floodlight cam can't find the network

I have a new router/modem combo and now my floodlight cam, which I’ve been using since 2018 can’t find the network. The router is in my office and the cam is just outside my office window, about 8 feet to the left and a bit below the window.
The cam enters setup, i.e. the light flashes, I try to “reconnect this device” using the Ring app on my iphone. It says it wants to connect to Ring Setup A8, which works, then it starts scanning for a network - and eventually just stops scanning and goes back to Press and release the button on the top of your Floodlight Cam.

We just installed a new floodlight cam at the back of the house and installed a range extender because it was too far from the router to find the network - but that shouldn’t be a problem with the front of the house camera. But I did notice that the new cam was speaking during setup and the old one doesn’t. Is that important?

I’ve tried rebooting the modem/router and set up a new device instead of trying to reconnect the existing one. Any ideas?

2018 cam can’t find network
2021 cam can

I am encountering the same issue.

We fixed the problem by holding down the button on top of the camera for 30 seconds - apparently this resets the cam to factory defaults - then press again to enter setup mode - then it was able to find the network.

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Hi neighbors! As @bmiller suggested, a full reset is a great troubleshooting step to try in this case if you’re not able to get your Ring Camera connected to your wifi network. You’ll just want to hold down the setup button for at least 20 seconds to complete the reset. After that’s done, set it up in the Ring App and it should go into set up mode so you can get it connected. :slight_smile:

Posting so remember to check incase someone finds a solution