Floodlight Cam and Motion Schedule

Our floodlight cam is covering our outdoor patio which we use frequently after dark.

I have a Motion Schedule rule that disables Motion every day of the week from 7am- 11pm.

However, the lights on floodlight cam will come on when it is dark if it detects motion during this time period. I had thought that the Motion Schedule rule would have not activated the lights?

Otherwise, we have to manually turn motion zones on and off for the lights when it becomes dark?

Is this correct? Or have we missed something?


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Great question @Kingsley ! Motion scheduling will prevent alerts during the set times, but motion will still record and lights will still activate. There is certainly a light scheduling feature in the app that can prevent lights from triggering during a specified time, take a look at our help center article on how to do so. Hope this helps!

I have the same question, again with activity on the patio. The referenced link does not address the problem. Mine is set for detection between 1AM and 6AM. Tonight I had over 130 motion/light events over a 90 minute period, from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. Those are ones I want to ignore.

I have the same issue. The software is not doing what it should, which is to disable the light during specified times. Come on Ring get this fixed!

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The link does not address the issue.

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Hey @marklinetech and @Allanaack! The most recent firmware update features improvements to Floodlight Cam light scheduling. Please ensure your Floodlight Cams are up to date through their “Device Health” section in the app. Please let us know if this improved light scheduling for you!

It says I’m “Up to date”.

In my case, I simply want to disable the device for certain hours of the day. During the day and early evening the area is used quite frequently. I don’t need to see the events, and I do not want the light turning on and off all evening.

My firmware is showing as up to date as well and I don’t see any changes to light scheduling.

Thank you for confirming your devices are up to date. To clarify scheduling, it will indeed allow you to schedule light triggering times, however, for motion it will only disable notifications and not the actual recordings when motion is detected.

Check out our help center article about controlling lights with the Floodlight Cam, containing a video on how to use these settings in the Ring app.

If you are looking to disable motion entirely, including recordings, you can try disabling zones manually in the app. Just remember to re-enable them! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Modes feature which will allow for Ring devices to be configured based on a customizable Disarmed, Home, and Away Mode (including the ability to disable recordings). :slight_smile:

I don’t see in the video, or documents, where the lights can be disabled, by a schedule.

For example, our outdoor patio , where the floodlight cam is installed, has alot of activity after 6pm, and until times when it is dark. When it is dark,ish the floodlight comes on automatically with motion. What I would like to be able to do is to create a schedule that says the floodlight never comes on between 6pm- 11pm, and I still don’t see how that can be accomplished.

Sorry if I am missing something, I just don’t see it.


Not at all @Kingsley, and thank you for the example! I should have specified that the Light Scheduling for times when lights will trigger does not include the ability to schedule them to stay off. This Light Scheduling setting is intended to schedule a time for them to be “on”, however, I can see how scheduling them to be off can be of equal value.

At this time there is not a way to obtain this with the Floodlight Cam lights, but i will definitely share this with the team for consideration. I appreciate your patience and feedback on this!

This is exactly what I want to do as well. Thank you for the excellent example. OK Ring…now get to work… we know you make this happen.


I am running the iphone Ring Cam app v 5.19.1, firmware up to date, and I do not have a " Light Schedule." option under Settings - Device Settings - Light Settings.; only motion zones for lights and Light Brightness. . I have the same problem-ish. Although I schedule the cam to disable motion from 6 Am to 10 Pm while the dogs are out I still not only get alerts but also the outdoor cam light goes off. What’s the point of the disable feature if it turns on by itself?

In simple terms…can i set the Spotlight cam up so that the lights DO NOT go on after a certain time of night? Arbitrarily midnight.

thank you.

Hey @DiverDave! To be precise in my answer, the Spotlight Cams do not have the light scheduling feature at this time. In regards to the Floodlight Cams’ light scheduling feature, this is used to schedule a time frame that you would like your lights to turn “on”.

Scheduling to turn off is not an option in the app, but you can minimize your light triggering zones and the duration, as well as manually toggle off the lights if they are triggered.

Hi @Marley_Ring - is there any development in the pipeline for scheduling the lights to be “off” at set times (e.g. before midnight)? This would be really useful for me when I am in the yard after dark and I do not want the lights to be triggered.

Hi @RT65. Chiming in for Marley here! I don’t have any information on that specific request. All of our newest features our announced in our News and Announcements board. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place.