Floodlight Battery will not connect or update firmware

I have 3 Smart Lights…2 spotlights and a battery floodlight. All have been working great with the Bridge until about 2 weeks ago when the floodlight went offline.

I tried changing batteries but it would not connect. I then went though the process of deleting it and reinstalling but now it fails after trying to calibrate and update firmware. I have tried everything…different phones, clearing caches, changing batteries, recovery, etc. and it still will not connect to the Bridge.

The firmware on the Bridge is Up to Date but the spot lights are 1.8.0-9. I just installed a Stick Cam yesterday no problem so it is not Wi-Fi. Can anyone please help me before I go insane?

I have the same issue with two Smart Lights. I cannot connect to either one. I have tried using different phones, one iPhone and two Androids. The lighting group was set up on my Ring account but the device was not added. I got this far with Android, with iPhone it just tells me to check my Bluetooth.

I have to say I feel this product was released a bit too soon… I have seen a lot of complaints on Amazon and internet talk in general but no solutions.

Yeah. Same issues here. It appears there is no interest in getting the fixed. So, back in the box.

My lights all work fine. Have you tried calling customer service yet?

I have not tried to call yet. Having developed products similar to these for the last 20 years my patience is pretty thin when dealing with “do you have your phone’s bluetooth turned on” type of questions for 30+ minutes before any meaningful items are discussed.

However, you are correct I should give them a call before I send back.

We’ve all had that moment… “I’m going to try one last thing. I’m positive it won’t work.”

So I started over from the top again. Only this time, I did not try to set the name of the device. I just took the default as-is … And… It works. Changed the names to what I wanted them to be. Alexa is happy. Ring is happy. I am happy.

I have no idea if this will help anyone else but hey, one last thing before you send it back.

Well I tried calling, after waiting 10+ minutes my phone disconnected when the person answered the phone. This happened 3 times (40 minutes total) so there is something either with Ring or Karma that says I should not have these lights.

On my iPhone I do not get to the point of the name, it stops after adding the batteries and claims the iPhone bluetooth is turned off.

With my Android device I do get to the naming portion of the addition. I did try keeping everything the same but no joy. It dies as it is optimizing, or whatever phrase they use.

Just not my product I guess…

New spot light and bridge will not connect

Just an update on my original post…still not connecting to the spotlight battery even after renaming the group to a generic name like “garden”. I’ll call customer service this weekend