Floodlight and Chime Pro Offline

My floodlight and Chime Pro have been offline since yesterday. I have rebooted the router and unplugged plugged back in the Chime Pro so many times that I am exhausted. Tell me how to get them back online, please. My password has not changed; nothing has changed.

Rebooting the router was a great step, as both devices being offline could have been due to internet connection. As long as the wifi network is online and your other in-home devices are connected successfully, your Ring devices should as well.

If the Chime Pro is not reconnecting, try to reconnect your Ring device by following the steps in this Help Center article, but instead of choosing the Chime Pro network, select your home wifi for your Floodlight Camera to connect directly too.

It is possible that this Floodlight Camera is too far from the router and the Chime Pro is needed. If this is the case, reset the Chime Pro by holding the setup button for 20 seconds. Once complete, try reconnecting. If possible, try reconnecting these devices with another mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: