Flood light unit ONLY works in the evening and goes OFFLINE every morning

I have a Ring Floor light camera hard-wired into the original outdoor light above my garage. We have a Eero wifi box less than 7’ from the camera inside the garage. The unit goes offline every morning around 5:30/6am and goes back online about 9pm every evening. This is consistent. I cannot seem to get it to reconnect to the WIFI during the day. What gives?!?!

Hi @user98029. Since this happens at the same time every day, it could be related to a specific setting within your Eero network or the wifi extender you have near the Floodlight Cam. Do either the router or the wifi extender have any settings to automatically reset during the day? What exactly happens when you try to reconnect it to wifi during the day? If there’s a specific error message you receive in the Ring app or a light pattern on the Floodlight Cam itself, that can help tell us what may be causing this.

Radio interference from a device you (or a neighbor) has that works on the dawn/dusk cycle?

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