Flood light turns on after exiting live view

I just installed my Ring Floodlight Cam yesterday and I use the app on an Android phone. When I exit Live View (press home/back button) the floodlight turns on. The light would turn off after the preset time or I could set the slider to off manually.

Earlier whenver I open the live view floodlight used to turn on automatically now that has stopped but light turnns on after I exit the live view.

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I’m having this exact same issue…any updates?

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It is not just us. I believe there are many who have the same problem.
Unfortunately, no updates. It didn’t work even after hard resetting (as suggested in some other post). Have you tried re-setting the camera?
I also noticed another problem is camera detects it as motion when some light is flashed on it example is a car headlight going on the street.

Hey neighbors! The Floodlight Camera will turn on it’s lights for events such as when it detects motion or when they are manually turned on in the app. You can adjust your Motion Zones for the lights to see if turning them down or off completely will help with this concern of the lights turning on when you exit Live View. I recommend checking out this Help Center Article here to learn more about the zone of motion detection for the lights, and how to adjust these settings.

I recommend playing with these zones to see if turning down the distance or maybe even turning off a zone or two from this settings helps. If you still find no relief with turning these zones down, you can test if the lights still come on after Live View when you have turned these all off. Please note that turning them all off will turn off the lights coming on with motion, but this is a good idea to try to see if it’s related to the lights coming on with motion, or specifically when exiting Live View. Let me know how this goes, neighbors! :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your response. I will play with motion zones and test as you suggested and get back to you.



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I did some playing with light motion zones and here are my observations -

  1. I turned off all light motion zones. Now if I go to live view and exit - lights didn’t turn on.

  2. I turned on just one motion zone. Now if I go to live view and exit - lights turned on.

I tried turning off earlier zone and turning on other zone and like that for all zones but lights keep turning on after exiting live view. And there is NO motion at all.

So after exiting the live view lights turns on without any motion. This seems to some defect.

I found this on reddit and it says “Ring was eventually able to work magic and fix it on their end” I want that magic done to my camera too :wink:


I also was able to play around with the settings based on the suggestions and found the same thing that Amol mentioned, my lights won’t turn on when exiting live view if the motion zones are turned off. Unfortunately, that basically means this product is useless as motion won’t trigger any lights if it is turned off. I will add however, I was able to turn all 3 motion zones back on and started to move the “Distance” slider in the android app to the left towards “MIN.” and then went back and forth into the live view and exiting to see if the light came on. The light did come on each time until I hit approximately the 25% mark on the “Distance” slider, then it stayed off. Again, this seems not right, as my distance of coverage for the motion light is maybe 5-10 ft now?! Chelsea, this seems to be some firmware issue or defect, but hoping you can steer us toward a long term solution. Thank you!

My test results for playing with motion distance slider for light are same as Tbcbsb01. When it is goes a bit over 15 to 20% light starts turning on when exiting live view. Honestly I don’t understand relation between motion zone and live view. It is so frustrating.

Neighbors, thank you so so much for doing this testing and getting back to me on this. You both are amazing for this, and I greatly appreciate this. I have someone from my advanced technical team taking a look at this again to see what could be causing this. Once they get back to me, I’ll keep you posted on what they are saying. I also read that Reddit post, and I’m gonna see if I can find this agent and get more information from them on how this fixed this. I’ll let you know what I find, as it may take a day or two. Please continue to keep me posted on any new findings. Appreciate your patience during this time. :smiley_cat:

Hi Chelesa, thanks for considering the advanced technical team in this matter. Today I have recorded a session to demo the actual problem to give you and your technical team better understanding. I am even happy to help further in troubleshooting and/or testing if needed.

Please have a look at attached recording. I have tried best to have mobile screen and light in a frame. I am really looking forward for the solution from your advanced technical team.

Also today I played with another setting Video Settings -> ‘Tap Camera Preview for Live View’ and my observation is if I enable that option the lights turn on when I enter the live view and not when I exit (this behavior is not consistent though). So my wild guess is your app developer team might have tried to put some extra intelligent to turn on light when user goes to the live view during the night. But if that option is disabled the toggling of light has messed up. (Sorry for guess work and I may be completely wrong but being a software engineer and android app developer hard to resist myself thinking of possible cause or reason for this problem/behavior)


This is great info Amol, exactly what I’m experiencing on my end as well.

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Hey neighbors! My team is still taking a more in-depth look into this, and we hope to have a better update later in the week. My apologises for the delay and appreciate your patience here. Hope you both had a great weekend. :slight_smile:

Hi Cheles, Just wondering if you got any updates from your technical team.

Thanks -Amol

Hey @Amol. Thanks for pinging me back, and I was actually coming back today for an update! Sorry this took awhile, the person that I asked to review the information was out for a few days, but we’ve taken a deeper look into it and collected more information on what seems to be going on. It seems like this may be a problem easily solved by turning down the Motion Sensitivity Zones for the lights

You both did find that turning down the sensitivity did address this concern, but it may need to be fairly low to have the proper detection. It seems from the video that something within the PIR sensor’s range is triggering the lights to come on from motion, thus them coming on when you leave the Live View call. This could be from something having the IR filter from the camera reflecting on another surface, causing something that looks like a heat signature to turn the lights on, or also when you are leaving the Live View and that filter is turning off, maybe with it turning off, it’s triggering the lights to come on from motion.

I recommend to continue to play around with the Motion Zones for the lights , possibly turning off one or two zones that may be the problem areas for this detection, until you find the sweet spot that doesn’t trigger the lights to come on when you leave a Live View. One thing as well is that if you turn off all three of the zones, the problem should stop altogether if you find this very troublesome, but then your lights will no longer turn on with motion.

If you find that you’re unable to find this sweet spot with the Motion Zones for the Lights, then it may be better assumed that this is a hardware problem with the device. This could be from an IR failure that is causing the lights to turn on when the Live View ends or from something reflecting the IR back to the PIR sensor’s bulb at the bottom, thus triggering the lights to come on when the Live View has ended. So therefore, if you find no real relief with messing with your Motion Zones for the Lights or you’re not satisfied with this, I recommend reaching out to support. They can do a more in-depth analysis of your device with our advanced technical team to see if this needs to be replaced.

Feel free to reach out to support by giving our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. let me know how this goes, as I would love to know the results of this!

Hi Chelsea, Thanks for the detailed reply after reaching out to your technical team. As you mentioned I had already tried turning down the Motion Sensitivity Zones for the lights and again played it with today after your reply. It does work however I need to reduce the zones to such a small portion that lights become useless. So, the option or solution to this problem to adjust the motion zone for lights does not really help.

I am in Australia and will call support team soon. I will reply to this thread with outcome. Thanks again! -Amol

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Hi Chelsea, I thought one more test or observation may be worth sharing with you that you can pass on to the technical team. If I use Rapid Ring app for live view the lights problem does not occur. Same is true if I use ring.com site for live view. With this the explanation that your technical team gave (IR reflection, PIR sensor) doesn’t make sense. Because if what they say is true then problem should be there even when I use Rapid Ring app or ring.com site. Isn’t it? Thanks -Amol

Has anyone found a solution to this? I too have the same issue. I just purchased my floodlight cam a few days ago and experiencing the same thing where if i exit live view, the light will automatically turn on. I’ve set the motion distance under the ‘Motion zones for lights’ setting to close to MIN and it helps but still will sometime turn on the light after exiting live view (not all the time, it’s really hit or miss). If I set it all the way to MIN the light wont come on (but then this renders the lights coming on via motion kinda moot as someone would basically have to walk directly under for the light to turn on). I am using the iPhone and iPad app FYI and happens with both.

Hi ShyGuy, unfortunately there is no resolution to this problem. You can try playing with your light motion zones (turn on - off - on / reduce area) and sometimes that works but behavior is not consistent.

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You are absolutely right. This seems to be a software issue with the app. I have four of the floodlight cam’s, and all four of them have this exact same issue. In my opinion, decreasing the sensitivity of the motion sensor defeats the whole purpose of the product. Chelsea, please have your upper level technical support look at this issue.


ATL-Dad , I contacted support but no resolution. I have made up my mind to live with this problem. I wanted to buy two more cameras but then I baught Nest cameras which are preety impresive and their support is also good.