Flood light turn off

Would be nice to be able to turn off the motion detection for a period of time for the flood light not to turn on for the ring installed on a back patio other than turning off the power or an option to just turn off the light feature because even with Turning off the motion zone it still turns on


Agree completely!

Excited about Modes. Would be nice to have a setting to disable all motion lights with one click. Especially just for “x” number of hours, so don’t have to remember to turn back on.
The reason is at night, enjoying back yard, the lights continually come on/go off. Quite a nuisance. Would be great to have the ability to turn off with one button.

I ha e the same request. The family sits outside around sunset most night. We have have to manually kill power to the flood light to prevent it from blasting us all evening and often forget to turn the power back on when we go inside.

You have a lights on schedule already, I’m sure many users would like a lights off function added to that same setting page.

Please do this.

Went through your support desk and only thing they could show me was how to turn it on via schedule.

Killing the power really isn’t an option.


I am looking for this feature as well. I want to be able to schedule when motion detection flood lights are active. For example, I do not want motion detection to turn on flood lights from sunset to 10pm. After 10pm, the motion detection flood lights would start turning on when motion is detected.