Flood Light Cam video storage

Just got a new light cam and was wondering where the video from the cam is stored?

thanks for the no replies but I no longer need this info.

I have returned my flood light cam to the store.

There is NO way I am paying a fee to store my video after I paid full price for the hardware.

I found a product with free cloud storage or local storage.

Sorry to hear @ror! Subscribing to our Protect plans do indeed allow you to store your videos. They also include various features and benefits for all of our devices. If you are ever in need of any Camera, Doorbell, Smart Lighting, or Alarm devices, we’re here! :slight_smile:

thanks but no thanks.

I have installed a 1080p security camera that has local video storage and no need for a monthly payment…the only way to go.

We pay for the data storage but I cannot find where to get acces to it. When I go to history, it has only a few consecutive days and then jumps to 2-3 weeks later. How can I find recording for a specific date?