Flood Light Cam, "People only Mode" should trigger recording AND light event at night

SUGGESTION: Seems too simple to me
When i set my “motion settings” to “People only Mode”, a recording event is successfully started when people are detected, however, lights come on constantly every 30 seconds throughout the night.
If a record event is occurring, the lights should also be triggered when it is dark or when the schedule suggests the light should be triggered simultaneously with a recording event.
For example, above my driveway I have installed a floodlight cam. Gnats, YES GNATS, are turning the lights on but not triggering a “people only mode” recording event. So my lights are turning on and off every 30 seconds for the entire night. It is ridiculous. I have small lights to the left and right of my garage door, but the Ring floodlight cam does a great job of lighting up practically my entire front yard and into the street. It’s like the sun, and I love it!
I would like to tell my ring floodlight camera 1 or 2 things:

  1. "if it is between the hours of 8pm and 7am, and a “people only mode” recording event (people motion) has been triggered, TURN THE FLOOD LIGHTS ON simultaneously when the recording begins.
  2. "If my camera thinks it is dark outside, how about turning your light on when you start recording while in “people only mode”. In other words, if its dark, and you detect a person, begin recording and turn your light on.

Right now, motion event lighting seems separate from camera recording events…that seems very counterintuitive.
In “people only mode”, there should be an option to turn the lights on at night only when people are detected and a “people only mode” recording event is triggered.
For people that have lights near their floodlight cam, lights that might brighten the area around the cam making it incredibly sensitive to bug motion or GNATS (gnats for god’s sake), a scheduled light event should be triggered coordinated with the recording event.
This is annoying enough to make me want to return BOTH floodlight cams. If the spotlight cams behave in the same way (recently ordered them havent received), it will be enough for me to return the entire system ($1800). I was a programmer for 8 years. This is a very simple software update.

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