Flood Light Cam Motion Sensor Overrides Alexa Schedule

So I just set up the floodlight cam and two A19 Smart Light Bulbs. I’m going to add a Doorbell Pro, but that won’t arrive for another few days. Anyway, what I want to do is have all the lights turn on around sunset, then turn off at a designated time later at night, and then the lights controlled together by motion through the rest of the night. I have all three lights added to a group. The Floodlights don’t show up as controlable in the group schedule so I can create a Dusk trigger for the lights and there is no dusk/dawn option in the individul floodlight controls. So I was attempting to use Alexa’s dusk scheduling controls to control the group, and that seemed to work until the floodlight cam sensed motion which then triggered the auto shut-off (currently set for 30 seconds) and turned off the group. I thought going into Group Motion Detection Schedule settings might work, but it looks like that just for alerts. Also, when I manually turn the group on in the app, they again turn off after 30 seconds. Is this just not going to work how I think it should? Is there another work around? Does the timed control and the motion control just not mesh well or am I trying to go about it the wrong way?

Great question @KeithT! When your Smart Lighting devices are added to a group in your Ring app, there should be a group settings tab. It sounds like you are familiar with the settings in here which is a great start! I recommend using the Light Scheduling option which will dictate the time frame for when your lights can be enabled by motion.

As you’ve observed, there is a light duration setting as well. This is a great option to use, so that when lights trigger within your specified time frame, or light schedule, these lights can stay on for longer than 30 seconds. This is called the Auto-Shutoff Timer in the light settings of your light group. If this does not remain on long enough, you are also able to manually turn on lights in the Ring app, which should remain on until they are turned off. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: