Flood/Freeze Sensor SAVED the day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Ring TEAM!

At 4:18 am this morning I got a call from Ring Protect Moni†oring telling me that my Flood/Freeze Sensor at my water heater/water softner was alarming. Even though I was in a very groggy OMG state I was able to shutoff my main water valve within 3 minutes.

THIS wonderful sensor AND monitoring system (because I was dead asleep) prevented a major, major mess.

The culpit was actually my whole house water filter that the cap split.

I added 3 of these flood/freeze sensor very recently - behind the fridge (where I have had a plastic water dispenser line split a year ago), my laundry by the washer and yeah the u†ili†y room where this thing happened. YAY!

My next project is to install a Smart Valve on my Water Main Shutoff.

BECAUSE if I had been at work, for example, it would take me 40 minutes to get home. YIKES!

Several of these smart valves have an app that will allow you to REMOTELY shutoff that main water supply.

RING TEAM - make this a collaboration with one of those vendors: LEAK detected, immediate shutoff. Oh yeah.

Again - Thank you, thank you, thank you Ring TEAM!


Unfortunately I cannot say the same, do not have the Protect Plan in my country (UAE) and woke to find my apartment flooded and a silent notification on my phone. Why can’t the users have an option to have an alarm on the base station when in armed mode?? The chirp or voice message isn’t loud or long enough to wake a mouse!! Disappointed in the lack or configuration, I’ll try to sell my Ring system for one with better configuration

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