Flood cam light settings

I can’t figure out how to adjust my light settings. Whenever the wind blows my trees, my light comes on ALL NIGHT LONG, but it is not an alert that is recording. I want it to record when there is a person or animal, but do not want the lights coming on/off all night from the trees. How do I adjust?

Hi @NealAlsup. You can find more information on the light settings regarding your Floodlight Cam in our Help Center Article here. The Floodlight Cam lights will turn on for all events, assuming it is dark enough outside, and it’s worth noting that the motion detection for the lights is separate from the motion detection for the camera. This is why your light will come on but there will not be a recording. Adjusting the Motion Control settings should help you reduce some of these events as you fine-tune the areas you want motion to be detected in. :slight_smile: