Flood and Freeze Sensor - Show temperature and set alert threshold

On all of my previous alarm systems, the temperature sensors showed the actual temperature in the app. I was also able to set the threshold for the temperature warning. I wish Ring did the same.

This is my situation: I have one sensor in an unheated utility area of a garage to monitor the floor near the sump pump and water heater for moisture. I want to know if the temperature is getting close to freezing so pipes don’t freeze. That space is rarely under 50 degrees even in the winter, but during really extreme cold snaps where it is below zero outside it can get under 40. Since the sensor is sitting on a cold concrete floor, it is measuring 5-7 degrees less than the air temperature. The low temperature warning goes off even when it is 46 degrees and gets to be pretty annoying. I know you can snooze the warnings, but then I am not getting warned when it is cold enough for pipes to freeze either. If I could set the threshold to 32 then it would really be a little above freezing, and I would be alerted.

The other alternative is to have a stand alone temperature sensor that could show the temperature and be set to give alerts at a threshold. That could be put anywhere and be a more accurate measurement of the temp.