Flashing Alarm Components for the D/deaf

I just checked with support and they don’t have flashing alarm components for the deaf. Progressively losing my hearing, and set off my alarm without knowing letting the dog out, didn’t have my phone in my pocket and didn’t get a notification anyway. I live in a 900 sqft apartment and the keypad was in the same room. It’s kind of terrifying to think that if I’m home alone I could just not know if my alarm is being set off. Support actually said I’d get a phone call if it was serious. If I’m not awake and glued to my phone, I wouldn’t know if my phone is going off, let alone be able to hear the call. My alarm clock flashes, my fire alarm flashes, my echo has captions… why doesn’t ring have an accessible flashing alarm?

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I use Alex to control my Hue lights for the Ring doorbell. It would be great if it would extend to the Ring Alarm. Something like IFTTT would be awesome for deaf and hard of hearing community without putting all responsibilities on Ring.