Flash/Strobe connected lights, especially wired lights, when alarm is tripped

It was fairly common for traditional alarm systems to have an external visual indicator that an alarm had been tripped to assist authorities in quickly locating the source from their vehicles where they might not be able to hear (especially if their sirens are also sounding).

I was very surprised the find out that the connected device option for my wired floodlight (probably the first Ring device I ever purchased, btw) only has the option to begin recording. Honestly, with the placement of the floodlight in my driveway, recording after an alarm is tripped is mostly pointless unless a burglar is dumb enough to park in my driveway.

This feature is probably even more important in multi-family properties like 2-4-plexes.

This feature should go hand-in-hand with several other feature requests related to Ring devices with speakers also acting as alarm sounders. Anything to help authorities more quickly locate an alarming property is of paramount importance, especially if/when a panic or medical alert button is pressed.

And ideally, this ability would include 3rd party devices that can be controlled by Echo devices, like my Hue light system, where all internal lights could begin flashing red, or all lights turn on full-bright and pulsate or something.


Ring video doorbell 2

Yes! We need this!! I would buy a whole Ring alarm system just for the panic button to set off the sirens on my outdoor cameras.