Fix your Unsubscribe - DO NOT WANT MARKETING EMAILS - two factor auth not needed

The ring interface for unsubscribe is rediculous! I’ve been receiving unsolicited e-mails from you, so has my father, this evening I’ve had to spend an hour of my time attempting to get us both off your junk mail (SPAM) list. My first attempt was with the Ring smartphone interface - it allowed me past the first authentication - using a pass key sent to email - then went to a second step authentication which as it turns out is impossible to complete on a smartphone interface - the first step was a complete waste of time! Had to start over and find an open a desktop computer, shoot. Unfortunately the passcode deadline must have elapsed - or I had the wrong passcode of several sent this evening and now I’ve been closed out of the unsubscribe process for 24 hrs due to to many attempts to get thru your impossible authentication! And all this just to unsubscribe from your stupid marketing SPAM.
GET ME OFF YOUR LIST FOR MARKETING EMAILS NOW! And fix your system so that other people do not have to waste their time.

I could not agree MORE!!!

I would NEVER EVER EVER use this company just because of what I had to go through to unsubscribe. And trust me, I’ll share my experience.