I’ve searched and searched for solutions! No live view. My WIFI couldn’t be stronger I’ve cleared cache reset reloaded re EVERTHING!!! IF I hadn’t spent so much money on this device I would take it down and off to the garbage. RING fix this software issue.

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This may or may not work for you, but I had the same issue. I started over completely. First “Remove” that cam device from your Ring app, then reset the cam back to factory settings (press and hold the cam’s reset button for more than 30 seconds), and then add it again to your app. During the set up, when it says “wait for firmware updates” … really really wait, … don’t do anything, even if it says the cam is ready. Wait until the phone app automatically steps on it’s own to the next page in the set up process. Now my live view works every time. I think the first time I “added” this cam, I didn’t wait and somehow that interfered with it getting all of the firmware updates completely … just my guess.

An new wrinkle occurred when I did a hard factory reset. Recently my 3 Stick-Up Cams (2nd Generation, PLUG-In, not battery), used to have 4 interval selections of: every 30-seconds, every 1 hour, every 14 minutes, and every 5 minutes. Trouble-shooting one cam required a Hard Reset (Orange button held for 30+) and when the firmware updated, the “every 30-seconds” option was gone, leaving only 3 remaining choices. The shortest interval for Snapshots is now “every 5 minutes”. The “30 seconds” option was the closest thing to continuous recording and I found it extremely valuable to catch stuff that occurred between motion-activation events, or activities that were occurring beyond the motion-activation range. To double-check, I used my phone app to view my other two Stick-up Cams, and they both still had the “30-seconds” interval option for Snapshot … BUT then on one of these cams, I toggled from the “30-seconds” to the “5 minutes” option and it switched fine, but now the “30-seconds” option disappearred and hasn’t returned! The last of the 3 Stick-up Cams is still on “30-seconds” and I don’t dare change that selection! So, I have 2 Cams taking Snaps at 5 long minute intervals, with 1 cam still at every 30-seconds.

What happened Ring?

Even though @BKUNKAN (the original author) topic was about his loss of “Live View” … and a potential solution to his problem could be a Hard “Factory Reset”, I also wrote about how I lost my Snapshot “30 Second” option. Just in case you were curious …

I’m excited! My “30 Seconds" interval Snapshot option is back!

I don’t know what actually caused the original loss of the “30 Second” option. It could have been something to do with a Firmware update, or a glitch during a download, or the alignment of the stars with Jupiter and Mars.

But now all three of my outdoor Stick-up Plug-In cameras (Gen 2) have new Snapshot interval choices of:

  • Every 3 Minutes.

  • Every 1 Minute.

  • Every 30 Seconds.

When I did my original installation of my Stick-up cams, the instructions had me choose between Plug-in power or Battery power. Mine are all Plug-in powered. In each Stick-up cam there is an internal compartment for a click-in battery. Mine are empty. After setting up as a “Plug-In” device, all three cams had the following 4 choices available for Snapshot intervals:

  • Every 30-Seconds.

  • Every 1 Hour.

  • Every 14 Minutes

  • Every 5 Minutes.

After a few weeks, one Stick-up cam needed a full, hard, “Factory Reset” to correct a problem. That’s when the first camera lost the “Every 30 second” option, and I was left with only the 3 options of “1 Hour”, “14 Minutes”, and the “5 Minutes”. Shortly afterwards, another Stick-up cam also lost the “30 Second” option, and it was never “Hard Reset” nor had a ‘soft’ reset procedure.

With all three of my cams, both before and after the interval loss, the “Device Health” indicated everything was fine. The “Power Source” displayed “Power Outlet” (not “Battery”). All other “Device Health” indications were good too. I kept searching for a solution to get “30 Seconds” back, to no avail.

Today, I checked “Device Setting”, and then found and selected “General Settings.” To my surprise it displayed “Power Mode - Battery.” Huh? I’m not sure, but it used to show “Plug-in” or something like that. Now it was different and had switched to a Battery Mode. Took me awhile to realize I could click on “Power Mode” to arrive at another sub-set menu … showing “Battery Mode” and “Wired Mode” with a blue bar icon at the bottom of the screen to transfer back & forth between the two power modes!

But it now makes sense, why I lost the “30 Seconds” and eventually ended up with only the 3 interval selections. Stick-up camera’s power source can be either Battery or Plug-In. Lots of repetitive Snapshots can put a high drain on the battery if interval choice is very short. My cam mistakenly believed it was Battery powered (even though there is not even a battery in the compartment).

Selecting the “Switch to Wire Mode” blue bar, another setup process attempted to start. Apparently, the camera’s Blue light was supposed to start blinking … never did … and the process had to be initiated by pressing the cam’s Orange reset button. This was not a hard reset, but rather a momentary push on the Orange button for a soft reset. It turns out that all 3 of my Stick-up cams needed the Orange reset button pressed to initiate the setup.

Now with a completed soft reset, all three of my outdoor Stick-up Plug-In cameras show “Power Mode – Wired.” They all have 3 new, significantly shorter Snapshot interval options of:

  • Every 3 Minutes.

  • Every 1 Minute.

  • Every 30 Seconds.

I discovered that some of my previous selections had remained unchanged during this soft reset. But some did change back to factory default settings, such as Alert-sounds. Also, some previous features were gone, and several new features were added. A totally new “Motion Zones” format (just like those found on Ring Indoor Cameras) allows you to move 8 blue dots to create a tailored, geometric-shaped zone.

I apologize for thinking Ring intentionally stole away my favorite “30 Second” interval. And whoever was involved in the latest firmware that permits “Wired-Powered” Stick-up (Gen 2) cameras to have short intervals . . . Thank You!

Two things I still find bizarre. How did my Stick-Up Plug-In originally have 4 interval choices? And how did the camera change the power mode to battery? Bottomline, I can again select “30 Seconds” and I’m happy!

What would make me ecstatic? Provide new firmware for my hardwired powered, Ring Video Door 2 with a Snapshot interval shorter than its current minimum of “5 Minutes.” Yes? Maybe? Soon? ?