First Alert ZSMOKE unit - Ring compatabile?

Hello, I have couple of questions about smoke detectors -

1 - The Ring smoke/co listener cannot listen to the builder installed smoke/co detectors. When I make it listen to my nest protect, it works like a charm. Is the listener only compatable with certain smoke detectors (sounds) ? I have interconnected smoke detectors and the listener would have been a perfect solution. I tried configuring multiple times but no luck, I just went ahead and bought multiple First Alert ZCOMBO units.

2 - Is there a way to silence the alarm in the ZCOMBO unit from the app? I did not see any easy way to test the detector and get notification in the app. The TEST button does not trigger any push notification.

3 - Is the First Alert ZSMOKE unit compatabile with the ring system? In couple of places, I need a smoke detector but do not need CO. Or can I just configure the ZCOMBO unit, I notice it adds 2 devices into the app. 1 for Smoke and 1 for CO. Can I just remove the CO device from the app? The goal here is that in these couple places, I want the ring system to activate the siren and notify emergency contacts on smoke detection only. I do not want the system to trigger the alarm on CO detection.


It’s only compatible with certain audible alerts.
It won’t work with voice alerts.
You’d need to see if your units have the compatible alert tone as listed in the instructions.
Here they are.
The Smoke & CO Listener is compatible with smoke and CO alarms that emit the industry standard Temporal T3 (Smoke) and T4 (CO) alarm patterns in accordance with current UL and National Fire Protection Association guidelines. Refer to your device’s manufacturer’s recommendations for details.

Hope this helps.