First Alert ZCombo Smoke\CO

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I have a few First Alert ZWave combo Smoke\CO units that are certifed to work with the Ring Alarm. These do work as when I burnt something in the kitchen my Ring was alarming on the base as well as my phone.

What scares me though is that I took the batteries out of a couple of them (they are not hardwired) and Ring didn’t notify me that they were offline. Is this a bug? Or does the Ring Alarm NOT monitor the devices to see the battery level? Or if they are even online?

Hi @fred7157! The Base Station will alert you when a device is reporting as offline. The First Alert Smoke/CO Combo is a Certified Works with Ring device and you are not able able to see the battery life in the app. I will share this feedback with the team here. Learn more about Works with Ring devices in this Ring Help Center article.

The response by @Chelsea_Ring is not completely correct. You ARE able to see the battery life of the First Alert Smoke/CO Combo in the app. However, the app does not do anything useful with the information, like telling you when you have a low battery before the alarm starts chirping. since the app has the info it could notify of low battery levels. This could and should be fixed and I have put in a feature request/suggestion to that effect on the noticeboard.


I assume that if I have the First Alert ZCombo Smoke/CO detector that I won’t need the listening device that Ring also sells. Is this correct ?

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You are correct that you won’t need the listening device. Just make sure that the ring alarm base station shows they are online with the base station.

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Will it work with the First Alert OneLink Smoke and CO detector?