Firmware update

I bought 2 flooflight cams from and 2 from Best Buy. Two of the camera say the firmware is “up to date”, then other 2 say the firmware is version 1.16.00273.

I read in another post that if a number is shown the firmware is not updated. How do I update the firmware?

I don’t believe that is true . . . all of my cameras show the firmware version.

The customer support guy confirmed that if a version number is shown it is not up to date. I also found this support page:

  • If your firmware is up-to-date, it will say “Up to date.”

    • If there is a number, your firmware needs to be updated. Your device should update automatically after the next time there is an event (Motion, Ring, or Live View)

That last part - after motion event it will auto-update isn’t working for me. Support guy said I had to hard reset the camera (hold button on top of camera for 30 seconds) to force an update. I haven’t tried that yet but my gut says it won’t work.

Ironically, the 2 cameras that are old firmware were bought directly from (Best Buy ones are up to data) - sigh

Out of curiosity what is your firmware version? same as mine?

I do not have the floodlight cams so our versions would not match.

You can get many answers. I was just on with support a few days ago about something else. They looked at my account and said my firmware was up to date when troubleshooting. So I suppose it depends on who you ask or what you read. I suppose as long as the camera works it really does not matter.

In any event, I am not taking my cameras down and pushing buttons. The device should be smarter than that.