Firewall settings for app


I have a ring doorbell working properly, but the Ring App (both win10 and android) does not show live video when connected thru my company network.

It works either by connecting to another wifi, mobile dats or by using a vpn.

I can access my recorded videos from the cloud, for example the recording of a live video from a few minutes ago, but not the live stream when sombody rings the bell.

I guess it may be due to some ports clised or another firewall setting. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nospamprl, you’re exactly right on this! If you’re able to get your company’s network IT manager to do so, you can have them reference our Ring Help Center Article here. This article details all ports and protocol work that needs to be done to the network settings in order to allow Ring devices and the app to work in full functionality when connected to that network.