Fire and C02 Alarm that is wired

Know there is a Z-wave first Alert Smoke and C02 detector, but it is only battery operated. By code all my current smoke detectors must be wired together with a batter backup. I am wondering if you are going to work with First Alert to have a Smoke and C02 detector that is up to code for some areas.

Good news @veener79 ! You can keep your hardwired smoke and CO system in place and purchase one of our Smoke/ CO Listeners as a solution. With a wired smoke/ CO system, they are designed to trigger all detectors at once which means you would only need one of our Alarm Smoke/ CO Listeners. Learn more about the Smoke and CO Listener here.

Right now I am using my Alexa for this.

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First Alert do a wired alarm/sensor but only for the US market. Under their OneLink brand which are their ‘smarter’ products they also do a wired model again only for the US market.

The ‘listeners’ referred to by Marley also seem to only be available for the US market as they listen for the distinctive US sound pattern.

The best and practically only solution for Europe is Nest Protect but Google have castrated its ability to integrate with other platforms. :frowning:

For the US the Listener works quite well. I have 8 Google Nest Protect sensors and like them very much. I am extremely disappointed with Google in thier direction for interoperability at this point. I have two listeners, one on each floor within a few inches of a Nest Protect. Be aware that when you have a listener and want to test your smoke alarms (any smoke alarm) you need to disable the listner or put your Ring Alarm is self-monitor mode. The smoke alarm signal to the monitoring company is an immediate dispatch, not a call first situation. There is a Ring fact sheet in the FAQ’s describing this.

I’ve installed two First Alert battery ones before the Ring Listener was announced.

Recently my township required all smoke alarms to be either hardwired or have a 10 year sealed battery, which the First Alert does not.

These are allowed however as long as I still have the minimum required smoke alarms either wired or with 10 year sealed batteries.

I need a hardwired with a battery backup smoke CO detector when will you produce one? This may make me replace my ring alarm and go to a more progressive infrastructure and the listeners of of no hel;p last thing I need is more overhead devices as unsightly as they are

Can’t believe this is still not available. First Alert makes the battery powered option that is availab,e and First alert MAKES hard wired smoke detectors (including smart ones that work with their own hub). It shouldn’t be that hard to translate to a hard wired (120V) smoke / CO detector that works with ring!!

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I can’t believe there is no market for this? Or maybe they just don’t care? I was able to buy a Nest/Google Home hardwired detector years ago. I then regretted it since I went with the Ring stuff, but I guess I’ll probably buy another one. You’re losing business Ring…

I’m 100% on board, there IS a market for wired alarms (my jurisdiction requires them) which integrate into the Ring alarm network. The First Alert battery only solution is NO SOLUTION. When will Ring wake up and address this market with a partner?

The Ring smoke/CO listener DOES NOT work with other smoke/CO alarm such as Kidde or even other First Alert Alarms such as Model #SC701BPVCN (which is the closest First Alert to the only certified by Ring smoke/CO alarm - but the certified alarm is battery only powered). Battery only smoke/CO alarms are not approved in MANY geographies.

Ring REALLY, REALLY needs to find and certify a hard WIRED Smoke/CO alarm. Or its missing the center of the market for smoke alarm solutions.

Hi @mark98110. I can absolutely see the value in a wired smoke alarm system. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!