Feature Update: Schedule your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm Automatically

Good question, @trail-explorer! We have definitely noticed yours and other neighbors interest in modes scheduling for camera enabled devices. At this time, that is not a feature, nor will it be part of the Alarm Modes Scheduling rollout.

As always, this feedback has been delivered to our teams for further consideration, as well as the related posts in the feature request boards. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Yes… different. Motion Schedules only will allow scheduling of times when you don’t want the alerts. Motion will still result in recording of video. Completely Disarming the camera turns off both motion alerts and recording. This is what has now been released for the alarm systems and I would think be totally easy to now incorporate for cameras/doorbells.


Hello I have just purchased by ring alarm and found my account is not activated for this feature!

I called ring support and they said I had to ask here. So please confirm when I will get this feature or the device will be going back to Amazon

I just received mode scheduling in my Ring App and it seems to be working fine. I haven’t tested it yet but it would be great if alarm could be forced to honor schedule, even if someone comes home and disarms the alarm while it’s in scheduled Home mode. It would be convenient if alarm automatically switched back to scheduled Home mode. There doesn’t seem to be any way for someone to come home and disarm alarm without overriding schedule?

This feature is welcomed, however, it could use some improvements. I’ve been using Alexa routines to do this for about a year now.

In Alexa, I really like that if the alarm is armed in away mode and the schedule tries to switch it to home mode, it will fail and ask to be disarmed first. That is great if I am out late and not home when the schedule wants to switch to home.

Rings’ schedule will switch it to home regardless, of if it is already in away mode. That’s not good and will lead to false alarms.

All they need is a simple toggle that says, “Override existing armed status.” yes or no.

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Got the feature. Awesome! Thank you!


About time.

Wanted something like this from the beginning.

Thank you.


I came here for this exact same reason. I really like this feature and am using it, but receiving over a dozen email notifications a week when I have mode change emails turned off is annoying.

Thank you so much for this feature! It’s a lifesaver!

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Just an FYI for anyone that may be confused by this. Mode Schedules is for the ALARM SYSTEM ONLY. This does not include any of their cameras or video doorbells that you may have without the alarm system. I received confirmation from their support in regards to this because I was wondering why I didn’t have it yet for my Video Doorbell. Their official response: “Mode Schedules are only available for the Ring Alarm station at this time. The cameras do not have this function at this time.” Why they don’t have this function for any of their cameras or doorbells is absolutely beyond me. Blink has this functionality and it’s so nice. Use case for this function with the cameras or video doorbells: If I know I’m going to be outside for awhile I want to disarm the camera so I don’t 1. Get a ton of notifications and 2. have a bunch of useless recordings of myself or my family. I disarm the camera, and I will forget to rearm or set to away. Support’s answer is you should use Motion Snooze. I don’t want to use Motion Snooze, because again. I don’t want to silently record myself and my family with loads of useless video clips. Now if they have a motion recording snooze, I could see that being useful. But instead there are neither scheduled arming nor motion recording snooze.

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For my scenario, this would be only useful if you can set a rule defining from a mode to a mode. For instance, I want my alarm disarmed every morning at 6:30 am when current mode is Home, but I don’t want it to disarm if the mode is Away.

Hi neighbors! Thank you for continuing to share your feedback here regarding this feature. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add these suggestions and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature! :slight_smile:

This was the first issue I noticed. I hope that ring will add the ability to specify additional conditions. For example, if the alarm is already set to away, don’t automatically change it to home. Only change it to home at the scheduled time, if currently disarmed.

This was announced in May, and it’s now mid-August. When will the mode scheduler be available to all users? I’m really anxious to set this up, as remembering to set it every night isn’t always reliable.

This feature update wasn’t very well thought out by Ring. If you want this functionality to work how it should in the first place using the Ring app, disable the option in Ring and use the Alexa app.

You’ll just need to create a routine to Arm Home/Away/Disarm in the Alexa app. You won’t get bombarded each time it runs with unnecessary notifications and emails that your system was armed for a schedule you set in the first place!

The Alexa routines are also intuitive enough to not override if the system is already armed: Case in point, if you have a schedule setup to Arm Home each night, but you’re Armed Away because you’re not home, Alexa won’t arm Home because the system is already armed away.


+1 I also have this same issue. The new scheduled mode change feature seems to have a notification bug in that its mode change notification is registered as a differert alarm alert type than manual mode changes and setting mode change alerts to off does not silence the alert for a scheduled mode change. One can turn off all push notifications and that silences the scheduled mode change alert, but there doesn’t seem to be any way currently to silecence the scheduled mode changes but keep other important things like water leak detected, etc.

I just spent some time on phone with support and registered this as a problem/request. Hopefully it’s a minor fix they will make soon.

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I was hoping to see a real calendar. One where I could preschedule turning off, then on the alarm for a cleaner or workman coming to the home on a particular day. Not a repeating schedule / day and time each week.

Please take a good look at this. Thanks

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What about the bug reports that were made here?

I would like to give feedback of schedule mode. It should not activated if ring is already in away mode.

Think about scenario that I have disarm schedule every morning, I am away from home for 4 days, I don’t want schedule to run. I know you can disable schedule for that time period. But what is need to schedule execute if I am away mode.

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Is this a good place to submit a feature request? If so, I’d like a feature where users can change the motion zone based on a schedule. For example, in the mornings, I’d like a smaller motion zone that only covers half my driveway because the sun casts long shadows of people walking by on the street triggering a “person motion” alert, but at nights I want a motion zone which includes my entire driveway.

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