Feature Update: Quick Controls

We recently added a new feature called Quick Controls to your Ring app’s Timeline view. This new feature is designed to help you quickly and easily interact with your other connected devices while you check your events or during a Live View. For example, one way you can use it is to unlock your connected wifi lock when you notice your friend approaching your front door in Live View.

To access this new feature, tap on the small house icon at the bottom of your Timeline view. See a photo example and explanation of options below.

Device Control allows you to see the current status of your light and siren on that particular device and activate it while you’re live streaming, if these options are available for your device.

Locks is where you can quickly check the current status of any Ring Access Controller Pro, Z-Wave, and Amazon Key locks associated with the location you are viewing it. This area also allows you to tap any lock at this location to lock or unlock it.

Garage shows the current status of your linked myQ garage door opener device(s). Also, you can go directly to the myQ app by simply tapping on your garage door opener device here. Note: Going to the myQ app will stop your current Live View.

How are you planning to use this Quick Controls app feature with your Ring of security?

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Does this work with the Rapid Ring app or just the Ring app?

Good question, @zakarybins! The Rapid Ring app is designed to provide neighbors with the quickest access to live view, or answering live events. It is a light version of the Ring app, containing only your camera enabled devices for video and notification features. At this time, the Rapid Ring app does not contain devices unless they are camera enabled and any advanced settings or options are also dedicated to the native Ring application. Thus, just like most settings and features, the Quick Controls feature is only for the main Ring app, not the Rapid Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank for Replay to me

Will this also include access to Flo by Moen? I have both MyQ and Flo but don’t see any ability to add them to Quick Control yet :+1:

Glad you asked, @kejwilson! The Flo by Moen is not included in the Quick Controls feature, but I’ve shared this feedback with the team. For now, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can continue to share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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