Feature Update: Customizable Motion Zones for Battery Devices

Some observations:

  1. There appears to be a slight discrepancy in the 10-12-2020 “Release Note” description. It says - “When you update to Customizable Motion Zones you will not be able to use your previous Adjustable Motion Zones anymore.” I might not be interpreting this as intended, but the app actually allows you to toggle the new Customizable Motion Zone feature On/Off (Motion Settings>Advanced Motion Detection). Toggling “off” appears to revert back to the original Adjustable Motion Zone setting which, in my application, is no longer useful since I now have my camera angle adjusted/optimized to correspond with my Customized Motion Detection setting. But this “toggle” appears to afford User the opportunity to revert back to the original Adjustable Motion zone alternative if they so choose.

  2. Under the new Customizable feature, headlights of passing cars outside of my customized zone frequently triggers motion alerts when objects inside of my customized zone are illuminated. This is something that wasn’t a problem for me with the original Adjustable Motion Zone feature. Fortunately, Motion Schedule affords pausing of such “nuisance” motion alerts at night.

All things considered, I still prefer the new Customizable feature upgrade over the original Adjustable Motion Zone feature.

When I go to draw the customizeable zones, like was said above, I lose about 1/5 of the screen to draw on. I would like to include that space in my zone. How do I do that?

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I just got my ring device, so this may be a silly question but how do I stop getting a notification everytime I personally enter or exit the house?

Additional comments/observations:

  1. Re: My earlier comment – “…headlights of passing cars outside of my customized zone frequently triggers motion alerts when objects inside of my customized zone are illuminated…” – this was likely caused by a lot of light refraction on a rainy night (heavy droplets and wet ground/objects). Last night, no rain – no problem.

  2. My cam is facing a roadway where morning sun casts shadows of passing vehicles into my Customizable Motion zone. This triggers motion alerts. In the afternoons, with shadows cast in the opposite direction (outside of Customizable Motion zone), this is not an issue – for me, quite understandable not a cause for concern.

New to Ring as of yesterday. I have a Ring Pro Doorbell wired in. I set up my motion zones to only pick up movement on my front porch, driveway and parking spaces. My motion sensor is on low. Yet I keep getting alerts every few seconds. There are no shadows, nothing I can see moving in the motion zones. There are leaves falling but I also have my motion set to people only. Any help you can give me would be great. It is driving my crazy. Thanks!

When I want the history it asked What plan. Plus I need instructions on how to talk through it. It won’t show History. Can’t Live View.


my battery is getting low every 2-3 weeks I bought your wired kit including the piece that reduce the current and it does not work. help

Ring protection plan is the most frustrating thing! I cannot for the life of me get signed up for the protection plan! Also, when I put a camera in full screen, I cannot get out of it. I have to just go back to the rinv app and start over. Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong.

I am trying to purchase a plan and cannot seem to get past a crazy cycle of signing into my account!!! How do I get past logging in repeatedly???

When having more than 1 motion zone, Can you activate/deactivate specific motion zones based on motion schedule? If not, are there plans of making this available?

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I am NOT receiving any motion notices, at all. I’ve charged the device and set it up a few times. I want the regular set up to receive alerts of whoever comes to my front door.

My new WIRED stick up cam has these zones. So far I hate them. I’m still trying though. This is mt second cam in addition to my doorbell. Had no trouble at all setting them up.

Simple installation about two garage doors facing the street. If I get ti to not alert on ars driving by then it won’t alert hardly at all.

Havn’t had much luck with people only either.

I couldn’t wait to get this cam up and running but so far not pleased.

I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks that my Ring Doorbell 2 is not switching to night vision and so the images during night hours are essentially useless. Has anyone else had this issue? Any idea on a fix?

Hi there, neighbors! Our newest motion detection feature described in the article above is rolling out to all neighbors as we speak. If you do not yet have it, keep an eye out for Ring app updates and on your new features section of the Ring app. As noted above, once updated to use the Customizable Motion Zones the Adjustable Motion Zones will no longer be usable. Much like Riley’s article here, we also have a help center article for visual and further information about Customizable Motion Zones. For further questions or feedback about this feature, feel free to post or share it in a Community board related to your Ring device model. If you are needing more assistance with this, or other Ring features, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

First, very disappointed in a multi million dollar company that can’t compensate for camera perspective and factor that into detecting motion. Before my camera would not detect motion in my driveway until you were half way up the driveway… but it would detect my neighbor at the end of their driveway, 30 ft left and right. Yes… I could have raised my camera, but then I lose vision of the space between my cars and garage… and then it detects even farther out at the edges… So I thought this new update would be perfect… set the areas… something moves in these areas and get alerted… NOPE… pretty much the exact same as it was… maybe not so much detection at the edges like before… but directly in front of the camera definitely does not detect down near the sidewalk at the bottom of my driveway… exactly the same as it was… doesn’t detect until halfway up the driveway… Ring, please fix or I think I’m done with the product and will look for another solution.

I have 3 motion zones set up (Ring Video Doorbell 3 hardwired). None of them are in the street in front of my home, but I continue to get motion alerts for passing cars. What am I doing wrong?

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@Mikemcd: I have both the original Stick Up Cam Wired and 3rd Gen. Stick Up Cam Battery (Solar). I have the motion zones for these cams set up with the upper edges just short of crossing streets. During the day, depending on the position of the sun at the particular time of the day/year, I find that the shadows cast into my selected motion zones from passing vehicles can sometimes trigger motion events. During the evenings, this is usually not a problem unless there happens to be a good rain – I find that headlight refraction from passing vehicles off of the falling raindrops creates a “light show” of sorts for the cams that can, likewise, trigger motion events. My cams are all about 9’ high (approximately same elevation above crossing roadways). I’m guessing that your Doorbell cam is much lower, so your site geometry may be different from mine relative to such motion triggers. I hope this helps.

Unfortunately, this does not clear things up. We all understand that the motion zone doesn’t extend the full view, and what we are saying that that is a poor idea. If motion zones on my doorbell can extend the full field of view, then they can on the stickup cams as well. Please address the following:

  1. Explain if the cropped view is temporary software and when it will be updated?
  2. If it is a battery issue, then explain that, and also give us the choice about using the cropped FOV. I have a solar panel, so I’m not concerned about battery life.
  3. The real problem with this is the guessing game I have to play on adusting the camera versus the motion zone, which requires me getting out a ladder - I go to live view, adjust, go to zone view, and see if it covers what I want. Then, spend a couple days dealing with motion alerts that are inaccuarte, then go back up on my ladder.
  4. Can we have actual specifications? What percentage does the motion extend into the FOV? What percentage change does each increment on the sensitivity zone represent?
    Thank you

This new feature is so ridiculous. I cannot begin to understand why Ring would disable a legacy feature once an update has been selected. However, I thought I made a mistake when I wanted to change the motion zone on one of my battery cameras, only to find I was forced to accept this new feature and was void of choice. You should be able to revert if the new feature does not suit your needs. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually select motion zones for my entire video area and not only half of the screen. I’ve tried to zoom out to show all of the area my cameras can view, but cannot and now I only have half of my entertainment area and computer rooms are being monitored. This is not what I have paid all this money for. Do you plan on compensating customers for your massive oversight and subsequent fault?

Whilst it’s nice to finally have this for battery devices, the setting under video recording length no longer applies as motion verification is a forced option. This results in some motion not being recorded. Please allow us to disable motion verification.

I have created a sperate post about this here; Forced Motion Verification - Products / Video Doorbells - Ring Community

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