Feature Update: Camera Light Schedules

Rollout Info: You might not see this in your app currently because it is being released slowly to all Ring users in their mobile app. We appreciate your patience as we work to get this to all our neighbors!

We are always working to bring features to better your experience with your devices. Which is why we are excited to tell you more about the new light schedule options for your Ring Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam. Learn more about this feature below.

New Camera Light Schedule Feature Options

Available for your Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired, Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Solar, and Spotlight Cam Mount:

  • Negative Light Schedule - Schedule the times and days you want your camera’s lights to stay off. Meaning they will not turn on even when your device senses motion.
  • Light Schedule List - You can easily see all your light schedules at a glance in your lights settings in the new Device Schedules tile.

Available for your Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired, and Spotlight Cam Mount:

  • Dusk to Dawn Schedule - Set your camera’s lights to turn off at dawn, then on at dusk. Note: The lights off at dusk portion of this feature will also work on Spotlight Cam Battery and Spotlight Cam Solar.
  • Positive Light Schedules - Schedule the times and days you want your camera’s lights to stay on.

Where to find the Light Schedule

You will see a new tile called Device Schedule on your Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam’s main dashboard like the one shown below. Tap that tile and follow the steps to set your light schedules. Note: You will need to set a separate schedule for each device you would like to follow a schedule.

More Details about Light Schedules

  • If you have Smart Lights they will need to be scheduled separately from your Floodlight Cam and Spotlight Cam’s.
  • The Dusk to Dawn feature offers pre-set time frame to automate your lights on and off throughout the year as lighting changes through the seasons.
  • Don’t worry, we have you covered for scheduling conflicts. The Ring app will make sure to update you when you make a new schedule if it conflicts with one you previously have set.

Thank you for adding the negative light schedule! It will come in handy when we’re in the backyard by the fire pit and don’t want the ring floodlight turning on and off every 2 minutes. It was also annoying trying to watch movies in the yard (we got creative during the pandemic) with the lights turning on and off. I’m loving all of the recent enhancements! I’ll stick with Ring forever!!

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Will we see a negative light schedule for the Par38 smart bulb? There’s no point linking this bulb to a camera for daytime use.

This is nice but is it seriously practical for spotlight battery cams you indicate it is compatible with? Having the spotlight on dusk to dawn will certainly drain the battery very quickly and perhaps even if you have the solar panel, it might not be able to restore during the day, what was drained the night before. Can you comment?

A much more needed improvement for the spotlight battery cams is to have them actually turn on the spotlight with motion at night even when you have a porchlight on! Even with light set to ON to motion, even the slightest bit of light illuminating the camera will NOT allow the spotlight to come on. This is a serious deficiency as we are losing the surprise factor of spotlight coming on at night with motion - think about a burglar approaching the property. I do believe many folks are buying the spotlight cam thinking this will indeed work as I describe, but it doesn’t. I did make this suggestion in the Suggestions forum but there were no comments.

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For certain times of day, I would like the spotlight to turn on a linked light group when it detects motion but keep it’s floodlights off, and at other times, I’d like it to also turn on its floodlights. Will this be possible? Unfortunately, I don’t see this post’s scheduling feature in Android yet, so I can’t check myself.

Hi, I set up the light schedule to be OFF from 7am-7pm everyday on my Ring Floodlight Cam, but when it detected motion (mid afternoon), the lights still come on. Is there something else I need to do to configure this or should I call support? It sounds like this feature should stop the lights from coming on every time I’m on the porch during the day, so want to get this to work!

Hi there, @dm2! Linked devices will still trigger lights, even if there is a schedule for lights to be off. @jrpaul70, as you had somewhat of a similar inquiry, please check to see if you have any linked devices that might be triggering the lights for motion during scheduled times. I appreciate you all sharing your experiences with the Community, and have shared this feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile:

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I got this feature update about 2 weeks ago for my Floodlight but nothing yet for my Spotlight Wired cam

I had hoped this would work like the light schedules I have setup for my Ring Solar Floodlight smart light or my Ring A19 smart bulb so you can dim the light. I have a dusk to dawn schedule setup for the Solar Floodlight and A19 bulbs (my porch lights). The lights only dimly light up all night until motion is detected, then they go to 100% brightness. Likewise, I have my A19 bulbs in my porch lights on all night with the brightness set to only 10%. These are linked to turn on with the nearby cameras and go to 100% brightness when one of those linked cameras detect motion. (This works GREAT BTW!)

The Ring Floodlight just stays at full 100% brightness if you create a schedule such as dusk to dawn. That’s great I guess if that’s what you want but I’d love to be able to dim the floodlight then have it go full brightness once motion is detected.

I’m wondering if the dimming function will exist in the Wired Spotlight once I get this feature update. I’m wondering if the problem here is the Gen1 Floodlight doesn’t have the inherent ability to dim the lights like the Spotlight.

I think I saw a dimming function for the Floodlight Pro. Any chance the Gen1 Floodlight will ever have a dimming ability?


That solved it! I removed the linked device option for lights. It was ok to keep the recording link on.


Thanks! I finally got the feature and it works great


We’ve checked with our teams, @5150Joel. The dimming feature you mentioned is not available at this time, but we’ve shared your feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile:



Thanks. Also, should all devices have Device Schedules by now? My Floodlight cam (gen1) got that feature almost a month ago but my Spotlight Cam Wired still doesn’t have Device Schedules. Is it still rolling out?

Hi @5150Joel. Happy to chime in for Marley. This feature is still rolling out to all users and devices. Make sure that your Ring app is up to date and that your phones OS is also up to date. When you select your Spotlight Cam Wired, you should see a Device Schedules tile in the upper right. Thank you for your patience while this feature makes its way to you!

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Can device schedules or motion schedules for doorbells include zones and sensitivity?
My doorbell missed a catalytic converter being sawed off a car in direct line of sight last night because the zone is set to not sense cars during the day. Very unfortunate!

When will all the users get this feature. It has been really annoying not being able to keep the light off.

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Please provide ETA on rollout for device schedule of my Ring wired floodlight cam. I’m a paying customer and others have it rolled out to them yet I don’t? You’re wasting my electricity every night I am unable to set my light on a schedule. Please add tile to my profile.

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This isn’t working currently, the dusk to dawn schedule will not activate my light, only a set time for on/off is working. And sadly, the app refuses to allow me to chat with a rep. So weekly I have to keep adjusting the time window. Would love for the dusk to dawn feature to work like other brands smart lights.
Also, maybe it’s the last app update but now motion during daylight hours triggers the light on even though the toggle is switched to not allow that.

What did you mean by this? I had a frustrating conversation with a rep on the phone who said to utilize the dusk til dawn feature - I have to tell the app what time dusk and dawn is, which defeats the whole purpose…:.if I’m telling the app that then it’s the same as setting a start and stop time.
There is nowhere that I see the app wants manual adjustments for dusk to dawn.
I’m assuming the app is using my home address and linking to weather to know sunrise and sunset times.
Please advise since right now it’s not turning the light on at all and I have a wired Gen 1 spotlight in a very dark area so I have it set to stay on all night.
For now I removed dusk to dawn and went back to adjust the start/stop time every couple weeks.

Will there ever be a feature to schedule the dimming as well? For example, I keep my lights on all night long dusk to dawn. During Christmas I have Christmas lights around the area and I want them more visible so the 8 hours my Christmas lights are on, I want the ring to be at 25 percent brightness. Once the lights timer goes off, I want the ring to shoot back up to 100 percent. Will this ever happen?

Please add the ability for the spotlight cam (battery) to only operate as a spotlight (no recording) when in Home mode during specific hours. Ideally it should record when the household is asleep but act as a pathway light without recording or notifications during the dark evenings of winter