Feature Requests: Option for lights not to come on at all - Floodlight Cam

Floodlight Cam: -

At night, it seems it is not possible to have a setting where the lights do not come on at all. I’m specifically looking for a way for the camera to record, but the lights not trigger at all.

I see that in the device settings, it is possible to widen or narrow the scope of the PIR being triggered, using the range control, min to max; however, there seems to be no way of having a setting so that the lights do not come on at all, yet still maintain video recording.

My situation is that I still want to record in the zones I have set up, but, I do not want the lights to trigger at all (it’s to do with interfering with the neighbours).

I understand that when the lights come on, I can manually turn them off (and on again); however, I can’t be on continually monitoring the app to see if they come on, and then manually switch them off. A button on the app to just switch lights off altogether would be brilliant.

Additionally, it would be great to have a minimum time-out for the lights less than 30 seconds if possible.

Any help with this would be much appreciated, and if it could be a new feature, then brilliant.

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This is a great option to have if you have holiday lighting or decorations and do not want to have the flood lights come on and break the scene up