Feature Request- Ring Alarm Status on Inovelli Red Series Switches

I’ve been a Ring customer for a couple years now, and have the alarm system with professional monitoring.

I’ve recently purchased Z-Wave switches (more specifically, Inovelli Red Series Z-Wave Switches) for my garage and family room. I’d love to see the alarm status reflected on the switches natively. For example, we could assign a color to each status (home, disarmed, and armed-away)

I know that I’m probably not the first customer to request this, but I haven’t found any of these on the feature request board. I think that they make a phenomenal product, and pair great with my alarm base station.

The folks at Inovelli seem very interested and motivated in supporting their customers. I’d love Ring to open up more advanced Z-wave features to make customizable switches like these work.

What would it take to make this work, from Ring’s end?