Family Users

Brand new to the Ring & Ring community. I have my Ring Video Doorbell with chime installed and running. My Ring app is installed and working fine. I am trying to add my wife’s phone as a user which I think I did successfully after a couple of attempts. I downloaded the Ring app on her phone but when I went to open the app up on her phone and hit dashboard there is nothing. Do I need to go to Set Up a Device on her phone to add the Video Doorbell and Chime to her phone? I thought all that would automatically be done once I added her as a user and she has the Ring app?

Hi @Dcgun69. I would check and make sure that your wifes phone is on the correct Location. A new Location can sometimes be added to the account when adding a Shared User. Also, you can try deleting her and adding her again using the steps outlined here. I hope this helps!