False motion detection alert when app opened

I am getting a false motion detection alarm when I open the app using an android phone. this also seems to happen on opneing the app on a lap top.

It is a new issue, I’ve had the door bell for well over a year and it has only started this in the fast few weeks.

Any thoughts?


Hey @Savage. Could you elaborate on what you mean by false motion detection? Do you click the alert, and there is no event or recording, or you click the alert and the video does not show any activity? If there is a video with this, please share this video with us here! You can grab a share link for the video by sharing it via text message or email and copying the URL in there.

Well the problem was, on entering the app the Ring behaved as if there was a motion detection, i.e. the chime sounded and the phone bliped and an event was recorded with video and sound. but there was no one outside to have set is off.

However today we tested again and it no longer happens??

So we are misified, we will keep a watch on it and if it happens again I’ll get back to you.


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