False Motion Alarm

Installed a home ring system 3 months ago. Working fine so far except getting random false motion alarms from one sensor at night in away mode. No pattern to the alarms that I can see. Sensor is mounted 7 feet above floor and facing away from heat vents and windows. No pets and sensor set for lowest sensitivity. Have already relocated the sensor once with no improvement. Several other motion sensors in the house working fine. No ideas I’ve found on line have worked. Any helpful suggestions out there ??


Hey @robbx. I’d recommend performing a reset on the Motion Detector and then set it up in the Ring App again to see if that helps the performance. You can follow the instructions in this Help Center Article here to reset the Motion Detector. After it’s set back up, you may want to review the placement and reference some of the tips listed here to ensure there is nothing that could be causing these false alarms. Let me know how that works for you. :slight_smile:

Not sure if a solution was found but I am having an issue with my motion sensor also. Out of the box I had issues with pairing it and it showing tampered. Reset it and it’s been working fine for about 15 days. Now I just had a false alarm for motion and one of my doors. Not sure if I just have a defective motion sensor and door sensor all the other ones are working just fine.