False alerts and no alerts

Our Ring Video 2 door bell has stated acting oddly. We were getting late alerts recently where video recorded after the object had left the field. Now we are getting "phantom"alerts at that we pushed off to either leaves or insects flying past the field of view. This afternoon we had a car drive past our house pulled into our driveway the driver exited the car and walked righ up to the door (all within the field of view) without alert. It only activated when he rand the doorbell. Anyone have suggestions or should I be looking for warranty service?

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We’ve stopped getting “phantom” rings and motion alerts. But now the app is not sending 100% of the motion alerts or rings to either my laptop, which is on nearly 100% of the time, except when I am driving, or to my smartphone which is always on 100% of the time, even while driving. Notifications are turned on, so I fail to understand what’s causing the problem.

And . . . notice that there is no longer any email address to ring support. There is a phone number, but who has time to call?

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I’ve been having the same problems with mine. I took a look at the Google Play Store the other day and the review of the Ring app have plunged over the last few months. Apparenlty they pushed out an update that is making a lot of people’s systems glitchy. I’m not renewing with them and am looking into SimpliSafe or Nest. My doorbell has been trash the last 60 days or so and Ring doesn’t seem able to correct the issue.

Same here. So many false alerts. Has anyone contacted Ring to see if they will be fixing this issue we’ve been having since the update?