False Alarms

I continue to get false smoke alarms on a regular basis. It can happen at ANY time. It has happened in middle of the night and the middle of the day. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It happens to different smoke detectors.

I do not have a dirty, dusty house.

There is NO smoke in the house.

The systems has been installed for about a year now.

I have the “First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide” detectors.

I have called Ring support and they have told me to wipe them down which makes NO sense.

They are brand freaking new.

What is there to wipe down?

I have provided feedback to Ring regarding my issues and was told they were looking into it.

Do date, and it has been months, i have received NOTHING from them and the issues continue.

Ring, get my issues resolved. This is just ridiculous!

Hey @FrustratedUser. If this concern has been going on for months, I do recommend to reach back out to our support team here to give them a proper follow up. Follow up with our teams is important to make sure that you get your matter escalated properly, and I apologize that we have not given you any followup since as well. It’s possible an email may have been missed somewhere, but rest assured, if you do reach out to our support team they can give you a follow up from the previous conversation you have had, or ensure there is one for future.

All in all, if your device is not properly working, this is a third party device that we do sell, and you may find some good follow up by contacting the manufacturer of this product! Since this is over the First Alert Z-Wave Smoke and Carbon Monoxide, I would recommend giving First Alert a call [here (Product Technical Support > Support # > Option 1)](http:// https://www.firstalertstore.com/customer-service/contact-us.htm) . Our support team may have limited troubleshooting of the device as it is not a Ring branded one, just one that works with our system. I would be super interested to hear what happens when you call First Alert, so please let me know how this goes if you do give them a call. :slight_smile:

I too am running into this EXACT scenario with the First Alert ZCombo Gen 1, infact just opened up another thread on this topic this morning. I’m in the process of getting my 3rd unit replaced out of the original 8 that I purchased less than a year ago.

I’ve had a number of False Alarms - all in the evening hours, and some causing the Fire Department to be dispatched, because I simply couldn’t keep up with disarming the panel, answering the call from Ring, and finding a ladder to remove the batteries before it triggers again.

First Alert refuses to replace my remaining original units - insisting that I need to regularly “clean” these detectors on a monthly basis with a hair dryer or a can of compressed air. All were mfg in November of 2019. Only if the other units trigger false alarms, would they replace them for me.

I simply can not trust these units - and I’m ready to trash them, looking to replace with another brand . Unfortunately in doing so - I’ll have to invest in the Ring Smoke/CO Listener which I’m now concerned that it’s another potential point of failure.