Yeah, only, it doesn’t.

I’m unable to connect whatever ring product to google, because rin gis simply not in the list of available devices.


This is not what we are looking for. You know this by reading all of the above listed comments. We would like to “add a device” the ring to our Google hub account inorder to view the doorbell area.


Please review the ring reviews from Android market place and see where you are failing your customers


Hi. I recently purchased a ring floodlight and overall enjoy the product and think it is good value. The lack of google home integration is a deal breaker for me unfortunately. I wish to purchase more cameras but simply will not do so untill integration with google infrastructure is improved. I will give Ring until mid 2020 to sort this out otherwise I will sell and move over to Nest. I suspect I am not the only person in this situation.

I realise that ring is amazon owned which may create an issue with developing for google home but if that is the case they should let their customers know that integration will remain highly limited.


@Rhodes wrote:

I just purchased the Google Nest Max for my wife and the main purpose was to display the Ring Doorbell cam. If this is not an Option I will have to purchase the Nest cam…

You could also return it and get an Echo Show 5 or Echo Show 8… As with HomeKit, doubt this will happen anytime soon…

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Few years ago Ring was promoted with API access coning soon. Now is not possible to integrate this crap to any smarthome. Thats a shame for a so called smarthome doorbell.
It is not even possible to get the live image of the Amazon Ring Doorbell on an Amazon firetv - this product sucks at the moment. Custoners are missing the most basic smarthome features. And Amazon Ring product Management doesnt care.


No it doesn’t work. I have tried multiple times to use it. I say “talk to ring”… it does… I give it one of the option commands and then says ring isn’t available.

Tried many different times


Yup it sucks. The wording of the adveritising is VERY VERY close to false adveritising but I dont believe it is false. I was upset that I couldnt view the ring from my Home Hub, but I can technically “Access my Device” from it. The access is SUPER limited but, sure, I can access it. If I knew this, I would have purchased a nest.

I will not be purchasing another Ring device ever again.


Only way to get decent all around integration is to AVOID Ring altogether. There are several companies that make devices that do or can be made to function I’m nearly identical fashion to EVERY device and feature Ring has. You can even mix and match, using any of the open or common standards, like Zigbee or Z-Wave+. Further, you can do it without worrying about who at Amazon may be spying or peeping in on you and loved ones. When Ring’s own engineers started publicly denouncing the service, one going as far as saying it should be totally mothballed for good, you know nothing good is going to come of things. Amazon hasn’t even integrated Blink, another Amazon owned brand with Ring & I for one thought Blink superior, better refinement of motion zones, faster video upon receipt of notification, and less conspicuous. No, get yourself a USB SSD or HDD and ZW+ cameras or CCTV with ZW base and you don’t have to worry, or pay for storage that may or may not be secure. You also will have choices, on sensors and everything else. Even if there is something that isn’t 100% compatible itself, you can use Wink, Smartthings and a half dozen plus other hubs along with SC to add function to external devices like Echo Plus or Google Home via custom scenes and routines that actually work. Amazon, Google & Apple all talk about common device language, but they only really mean that for third party devices. They don’t want consumers to have options, that would drive down profit for Google and for Amazon, who maybe makes less on Ring vs Nest, they want to make it up by monitoring and selling you replacement AA batteries as you churn through them with 50 daily false notifications.


How can you say they work together when Ring isn’t an option in the list to add a device under Google Home?


I just replaced my entire system with a full nest setup and couldn’t be happier. Constant recordings. Alert on people not cats and car lights at night. Everything about it is just better. I was a ring customer for years but no longer.

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s very frustrating. I understand that companies producing hardware and software may be competition in some regards, but in 2020 its time to progress guys. Lets get Google and Amozon on the same page…

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Just bought it and going to return. I have Google home hub and Nest door bell but my side door is hard to wired so decided to go with the battery option on Ring 2 door bell since Nest door bell does not offer the battery version. Hoping it is SMART enough to integrate with the other smart home device but really disappointed. I don’t know what they are thinking just because Google is their competitor, so decided to drop all the support on Google home? Well…they gonna lose the new customer who willing to pay extra on record the cloud camera which is the long term income than paying to buy the echo show device.

Yes, I aggree. I just Googled how to set up Ring with Google Home. It says you can do it, but It is not possible. Google and Ring should work together and come up with a solution.

They want you to buy their doorbell so they removed compatibility with their biggest competitor. Fools.

Wow! After trying for two days to “INTEGRATE” with nest, nest hub and aliens from another world to bring my Ring doorbell into the twenty first century. Then am directed here to find that it is only a dream and that Ring does not want to play with everybody else. VERY VERY disappointed and will be putting my ring doorbell in the trash and joining others in buying something that truly wants to work.

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Google doesn’t want to play with Ring as well. It’s mutual. Just like Apple doesn’t get along with Microsoft. Nothing new.

If the focus would be providing services instead of fighting and profit first, we would live in a way better world…
That includes every industries that profit is far more important than services or ethics.
Unfortunately I’ll need to replace my 5 ring devices and its cool applications around it because of this purposly intended incompatibility.
Please learn that you don’t win anything by supporting this trade war, and the ones that lose the most are your customers… and not to mention how associated brands are damaged.
This is a sad example of the no sense things that prevent the world and technology to move forward.

This should not need to be considered as a feature request but as basic product functionality.

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I paid for the full year and that allowed two cameras. Now it’s saying mine expired before 6 mos were up. Wth