'Failed to Connect' - Ongoing Live issues

Hi all.

I have just bought a Ring Doorbell 4 and followed the set up. Have I got a faulty product?

Having followed the setup and hearing that it was a success I am having major issues with my doorbells connection to the WiFi. When I click on ‘Live’ it takes forever to load, sometimes doesn’t load at all, and displays notifications of a poor connection.

I am sat next to the Router, with my phone and doorbell next to each other. The last report signal strength was RSSI-45, and I have a 38.3mbps download & 20.6mbps Upload Internet speed, which is obviously more than adequate. Is someone able to shed some light on why the doorbell is failing to connect and work as it should?

As I type, I have just reinstalled the doorbell and tried to link it to my WiFi but it now says the doorbbell ‘had trouble connecting to your WiFi network’ ‘Your Ring Doorbell is too far from your router or is being affected by WiFi interference’. I’m sat with the Router next to the doorbell, and the internet is working just fine, as I write and post this SOS. Help!

Many thanks in advance!