Facial recognition technology to external use cameras

I’d like to see Ring add facial recognition as a standard feature on cameras for external use, and allow users to respond automatically to specific faces. For instance, if a family member comes to the door, it would be nice if we could have that announced through an Echo speaker, or hear a different ring. Google’s Nest product has this, and it would be a huge playing field leveler if Ring added it.


Totally agree this would be an excellent feature

Absolutely agree. This is a feature that needs to be added. Other competitors already have it.

Facial Recognition should be allowed on ALL Ring doorbells. Speaking on behalf of thousands of blind Americans who use Ring Doorbells in conjunction with Amazon Echo devices, Facial Recognition would help to level the playing field between blind consumers and their sighted peers. When a person is detected by Ring it alerts the owner that a person was detected and the sighted public can simply open up the Ring app and see who it was. Without Facial Recognition a blind consumer can only open the Ring app and hope the person detected makes some kind of sound. Blind consumers already have Facial Recognition available to them on several different apps but not with the Ring app. I implore Ring to allow this feature which I understand already exists within the Ring Development team. Please help to level the playing field for your blind consumers.

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Hi Guys

Let’s see an upgrade to the software to cater for facial recognition… your nearly there with motion detection and people detection :+1:

With HOMEKIT all these can be easily achieved… Enable long pending HOMEKIT.

Facial recognition of friends and family would be a great addition to the many Ring capabilities.