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When are Ring bringing out an external siren box for the alarm system?
Having an obvious and clearly visible siren box on the outside of a property is a big deterrent to any potential burglar, and deterring a break in is the primary reason for having any sort of security system. Using sirens to scare off burglars, and cameras to identify an assailants is great, but preventing the initial break in is far more important.


This is something that is badly missing from the Ring alarm. I have the doorbell and I am currently looking to upgrade my home alarm, however looking the comments it’s obvious that the current alarm is not loud enough for a medium/large size house. Unfortunately I am tempted to go with your competitor Simplisafe as they have a louder additional siren that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

I know you do have these available in the US, but until you find a solution in the UK I’m afraid people like myself will be tempted to spend there money elsewhere.

Come on Ring sort it out, you have some great products so surely it’s not that difficult?



Both Simplisafe and now Hive have the option of an external siren. If it wasn’t for the reports of flakey connectivity with the Hive sensors and the abuility to disable the Simplisafe system easily i’d concider them over Ring.

For me an external siren or utilising one of Rings other products to work like an external siren is necessary for the UK. The police highly recommend it and i’ve come across a number of insurance companies now asking about it.

If the other two companies resolve their issues before Ring or a partner release an external siren, I can see a number of owners switching.

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Its would be ideal if you could link the alarm to the sirens on the cameras. You can do it on the camera lights and video capture.

If ring don’t want to bring out an external siren, then they should at least allow third party external sirens to work.


When will the cameras sirens triggered by the alarm sounding feature be released?

I assume that it’s imminent, as you show it on your sales page in the UK. It’s in a picture in the Linked Devices images half way down the page.

I’ve been thinking about this is well and have come up on an easy fix. If the alarm has been triggered. After a set specific time the audible alarm is active within the resident from the base. Lets say after 1min but allow for period of time to be adjustable as with most features. The inside trigger should be able to trigger the Ring camera sirens or some other audio hardware ring may provide on the exterior.

Unfortunately, the Ring Alarm system can only currently activate the sirens on the Alarm Base Station, and Keypads, and the indoor non-weather-resistant Dome Siren. :frowning:

But you aren’t alone in wanting an external siren! Many others want an outdoor weather-resistant siren, or some ability to connect an exterior siren, or some way to have a siren sound outdoors . The more “Thumbs Up” Kudo votes they see there will better get their attention, increasing the chances of getting siren sounds outdoors. You should click the related links below and add your Kudo vote, if you like the requesting author’s idea (add your “Thumbs Up” Kudo vote on the left side of the author’s starting post), to help get the attention of the Ring Teams.

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Agree with all the above. I have several ring devices and so it would make perfect sense to add the alarm to the mix, but without an external sounder, I wont be buying. Its a deterent. SimpliSafe have confirmed to me that they are bringing out a new proper outdoor siren in 2021. Ring is behind on this. For me, having the cameras sirens sound is not enough, a clear visible siren does put potential intruders off and makes them look elsewhere.

In the UK we have National Home Security Month every year, and they interviews 100 ex-burglars. A whopping 71% of them said that they would be put off attempting a break-in to a home that has an external siren on the outside wall.


They have now removed the screenshot showing the siren activating when the alarm is triggered. The screenshot showed the floodlight cam, but hopefully spotlight cam will also get this feature.

Ring has listened to all the Kudo votes on the numerous “Feature Request” board and has work towards making a siren sound outdoors. The camera sirens can also now be linked to the Alarm Base Station siren! So now when the Base Station siren goes off, the Ring cameras (that have siren feature) automatically can also sound off with their siren!

So, I immediately went to my Ring App to link mine also! But, I was briefly disappointed when I tried to do it because I did not initially see any change in the App. It initially appeared to still only make the cameras record when the alarm sounded . . . until I looked more closely. So, yes, the camera sirens CAN be linked now by:

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding >

After selecting “Alarm Sounding”, this is where I was briefly disappointed because I thought it was still just to select the cameras to only record. Then I noticed the “Explanation-Point” Icon, just right of the “Camera” Icon. Now I understood that by selecting this “Explanation-Point” Icon, it links the camera’s siren to the alarm too! So after selecting “Alarm Sounding” then:

  • Select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the updates. I’ve just been able to link my spotlight and stickup cam sirens :slight_smile:

Great job from Ring and I’m glad we now have this additional layer of security.

I still think an external siren would be good for those of us that don’t want a large camera at the front of the house, for example UK home would have the video doorbell but not a security camera at the front.

Thanks again to Ring.

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Good Job Ring. Thank you.

Whilst this is a great step in the right direction it doesn’t really resolve this feature request. Some people (myslef included) love the ring alarm but don’t have or want their cameras (they aren’t compatible with my Synology NAS unlike my existing 4K camera’s are).

An external siren would still be desirable for the UK market. One that is loud and has a flashing light so that the local neigbourhood watch (and everyone else for that matter) knows exactly which house is being broken in to.

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@Hamster1 , @Neils , @Alob , @AnthonyBall , @F1N1 , and others above,

Good News! :smile:

Beside now being able to link Ring indoor and outdoor Camera sirens to the Ring Alarm Base Station siren (but not Ring Video Doorbells), in the U.S. and Canada you can now also pre-order the new Ring Outdoor Siren Alarm with Lights!
Expecting shipping to start on 3/31/2021 on these pre-orders.

For in the U.K., I believe Ring will start accepting pre-orders on 3/31/2021 and you can enter your email address on this link below to be notified when pre-orders start there.

Thank you Ring Teams! I hope people find this information helpful :smiley:

Where is the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren for US ? Link above not working and no where to be found on US website.

Agreed. When will it be available again in the US? I say again, because I bought the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren back in April 2021, and now I can’t find it anymore. It seems available on the Ring UK web site, but not on the US one anymore. What’s going on? Does some has information about it?

Will it be available again? Thanks!