Exterior camera

Can the exterior camera use low voltage line like the doorbell does?

Hey @Jay121. If you get a Spotlight Cam Mount, you can have it wired directly to a transformer like a Doorbell can be. :slight_smile: Is there a different camera you want to do this to?

I have the spot light camera . I was looking into getting a couple more of the wall mount cameras just to cover the rest of my home but i dont want to change the batteries.

@Jay121 If you have the Spotlight Cam Battery, you can get the Solar Panel to help keep the batteries charged, but the only other thing we have to convert a Spotlight Cam to the Mount version is only possible when it’s the Spotlight Cam Wired being changed into a Spotlight Cam Mount with the Hardwired Kit here.

That answers my question thank you

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Although I am not a happy customer of Ring right now (as you can see by my posts over the last 2 weeks), I will tell you the Solar Panel is WELL worth the money. When I bought my spotlight cam, I bought an extra battery and the solar panel. I’ve had them connected to each other for a little over a year, and neither battery has ever been below 97%, even after extended periods of dreary winter weather. I would strongly suggest and recommend the solar panel and an extra battery for your cameras.


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Thank you for all the great help you have offered this and other fellow neighbors @MWC44. Could you please reach out to the Community Team at community@ring.com? We would love to ask you some questions and get your feedback directly as a valued member of the Community.