Extend the length of Live View

Would love to be able to view live and be able to view this without accessing it via the internet

You’ve been saying the same thing for 2 years. I’m afraid you’re support and R&D group has no credibility with the market. It’s easy to accomplish hence of its not being done, it’s because the company doesn’t want to. Even on other issues, one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had. Disappointment

I literally signed up for the forum just to add my voice to this. I’ve owned Nest for a long time, but decided to put Ring at my 84 y-o mother’s house. What a HUGE mistake! I can’t monitor mom’s house from mine because of this. I will be removing the Ring products from her house and replacing them with Nest. They understand security needs where it’s clear Ring/Amazon does not. I will also be going out of my way to make sure every Ring review I pen includes this ridiculous limitation as a deal-killer for me.

@Chelsea_Ring , you might have kept me if you’d responded with more than “please be patient, we’re working on it” over the last 2 years. Good luck keeping happy customers. I won’t be one of them.

My Live last about 20 Seconds… This is really unacceptable.
As this is a world wide company they CAN’T upgrade servers/service for this product! RING has done well and now is about the money solely and not customer feeling of well being.
Come on ADT/Alder/Simplissafe/Frontpoint and others do and can.
I think I should have done MORE research before buying this product!
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