Extend the length of Live View

@hybrid As an IT Professional, I can tell you that there is zero reason for them to force live view through “the cloud” rather than a locally when available. It’s an artificial limitation they choose to not remove.

We’re going to be forced to return the camera system we recently installed because of this issue. Such a waste. I’m recommending the $35 WyzeCamPan as replacements.


I wasn’t impressed by the 10 minute limit.

I’m even less impressed now that it only runs for 30 seconds.

If I want any longer I have to use my phone which still gives me 10 minutes.

Anyone know where this 30 second limit came from?

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It’s ridiculous this still isn’t available.

It’s a top requested feature for every manufacturer, not impossible or even difficult to implement.

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Same here. 10 minute timeout was an unexpected restriction. Please remove the restriction. If it cannot be removed, my assumption is that the Ring camera itself has a hardware design restriction (component temperature limit, etc.)and cannot handle continuous stream. If so, please disclose the information so I can return the product and purchase a different brand that is capable.


We recently purchased several Ring indoor cameras with the intention of using the some of the indoor cameras as baby monitor cameras. We were VERY disappointed when we learned the live view timeout is 10 minutes and there is no way to adjust that timeout. Please make the timeout setting optional for customers to change based on our needs! There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to keep our live streams up as long as we would like if our cameras are plugged without any power concerns!

Thank You,

Zach Merrill


Please have a configurable live view time out to allow continuous viewing. We monitor guest arrivals, and the motion detector is too slow to alert us. Live view is much better, but the time out of 10 minutes is very frustrating. We do not need this recorded, just a live stream!!


Give us all the holiday gift of continuous live view! :laughing:


Man, what happened to the Feature Request Board as it relates to this feature request of abolishing the 10 minute live view time out?

Did they sabotage this forum so as to make it more difficult to determine what the top feature requests are?

Sad. How do you even vote now? You used to just have to click the Thumbs Up icon to vote.

One thing I am noticing is that there is a small :heart: icon near the bottom of every post. It might be a good idea to click the heart for all the posts that are in this thread. You have a limit of hearts to use daily so over time, make sure to click the heart for every post in the thread if you feel this is an important Feature Request.

As far as I can tell, the 2 most important feature requests are to remove the 10 minute Live View Super Stupid Timeout, and to allow multiple cameras to be viewed at the same time.


on top of everything else mine doesn’t even stay on for 10 mins!! lately if I get 2 mins I’m lucky!! and half the time the cam wouldn’t even pull up for days. ill click live view and it just flickers back to start screen. day or 2 later its working. its really horrible an di wish i never got them!

I read somewhere that the App Rapid Ring would allow you to constantly monitor a camera, I tried that but it doesn’t. This is pushing me back to Nest which does allow this. Ridiculous Ring.

This is only a limitation because it sill records all live views and uploads them to the “cloud”.

So having an option to disable live view recording and allow indefinite viewing per camera would be amazing!


Just put an option that allows us to turn off live view cloud recording but still record motion then unlock all cams and doorbells to allow unlimited 24/7 live view.

Or another option is to record all live views to cloud but only record for 2 minutes then stop recording and just keep live view on. That way someone could start a live view and it record to cloud in case that is needed but it would stop recording unless they stop the live view and start it again. That allows live view 24/7 but limits the recording to cloud to save space.

Or another option is to even have the software allow recording 24/7 on your local computer.

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I concur with all of the other commenters: I was STUNNED that this is not already a feature, and I am now basically desperate to find a way to override the limitation. I have a FireTV set up for the specific purpose of monitoring my cams. It is basically useless until this is fixed.

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STUNNED is the exact way I felt when I found out about this 10 minute timeout. Then, I was SAD. And then MAD.

And now, after all this time, I am BAFFLED.

How many votes do we need to get this up the backlog?

New Ring user here, got a stick up cam to monitor kid’s virtual schooling. SUPER bummed the feed times out after 10 minutes. I don’t need to record, just want continuous viewing.

Please remove the time limit. Bought this as a nursery cam and it’s basically useless for that purpose. Somehow missed the time limit reading reviews. I don’t want or need to store in the cloud so that shouldn’t be an issue.