Extend the length of Live View

Currently you can only view cameras live view for 10 minutes and then it shuts off. I use my indoor camera for a baby monitor and want to have on my echo show device or my phone throughout the night. PLEASE make viewing live stream open for an unlimited amount of time.


I know! We need this too!

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Agreed. This should be a built in feature. The 10 minute restriction is a huge flaw in the design of the Ring cameras:


Agreed. I already left a one star rating in amazon due to this limitation. I always assume Live View is continuous and never thought about it has a time limitation. It has never been listed in the amazon product page when I bought the camera. It’s a very misleading marketing.

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You can vote for this feature here (Click the Thumbs Up icon at the top of the page:



Would you say that your feature request is identical to this one?


Or, is it not exactly identical?

Because if you agreed that it was identical, we should be able to consolidate the votes.

If yours could be consolidated into it, we would be able to almost double the votes.


It is generally the same feature request, although mine is more detailed and includes partial solutions since they have a clear cloud resources reason why they don’t let us leave it on all the time. So I’d suggest they pile those votes into here since it is the earlier, more detailed request.

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If you voted for this you should vote for the existing similar request: https://community.ring.com/t5/Feature-Request-Board/Extend-the-length-of-Live-View/idc-p/49836#M1713

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I agree. Good point about the date. Yours was first and has more detail so it should get the votes from the others. After the vote transfer, the other ones should be dissolved. There are actually 3 duplicates of your original request because this is a much sought after feature that Ring keeps ignoring:




I have put in a request to transfer the votes to your request but we’ll see if that goes anywhere or not:


What do you mean by the clear cloud resources reason? Did Ring say that is the reason for the super-ridiculous 10 minute limit? (I have been trying to find out why 10 minutes was chosen because it drives me mad.) If you want to watch your camera all day, you have to click the mouse dozens upon dozens of times. Over the course of weeks and months, my mouse buttons will be destroyed and my mask of sanity will slip. :robotfrustrated:

I think we should all start charging Ring for our broken mouse buttons…

Ring, if your listening, you owe me a mouse!

Arlo cameras are similar and they don’t have a cloud resource limitation because they offer almost unlimited live view (no 10 minute time limit, at least that I’ve ever encountered). I’ve successfully viewed my Arlo’s for hours with no stops and I want to do the same with my Ring cameras.

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Looks like they merged them. Up to 17 votes now. Need quite a few to make it to the Top 10 though.

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How to we share for more votes???

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I see that many people are asking for a time to configure the timeout of the live view.

So I hope support will pick this up and make an update for the ring always home app.

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We just hit 24 votes!!! We need a lot more. Tell everyone you know.

You can share the voting link out to your friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Just send them this link and have them click on the Thumbs Up icon at the top of the page:


We need quite a few more votes to make it to the Top 5 but many people want this feature because they are really getting sick of the Live View 10 Minute Super Stupid Timeout.

I think we could make it there in 2 weeks or so if we are lucky.

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We would really appreciate an indefinite live view as we also purchased a ring camera to use as a baby monitor.



That’s true. Many people purchase Ring camera’s expecting to be able to use them like a Baby monitor but then they are disappointed to find out about the Live View 10 Minute Super Stupid Timeout.

Hopefully if we get enough votes, Ring will make this simple change, or at least provide a test workaround. 5 more votes and this request will be on the TOP 20.

I can see how this may have been done to save battery on battery powered cameras. None of my 9 cameras are battery powered. I have a Video Doorbell Pro, and 8 Indoor Cams. All powered externally. Please allow indefinite live view for cameras that are not battery powered.

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We ripped out our xfinity security cams for Ring, and even that craptacular system had continuous video, which we came to depend on to tell us when Amazon packages were on our door. Ironic that Ring cannot currently serve that function, given that Ring is owned by Amazon.

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@string Shouldn’t motion notifications work for that? Then you don’t have to stare at the camera too.


Motion notifications help but when you are waiting for a package it’s more advantageous to be able to view the area in close to realtime. It helps for those times when you are waiting for a fragile piece of electronics equipment and the delivery driver blatently just tosses your gizmo down on the ground with a thud from a 2.5 foot drop (or greater).

With Live View, you can see the truck way down the street and you can be ready. LiveView allows you to yell at the driver before they take off.

You can confront the driver in a nice calm manner and say things like “Hey! ****bag!, Why did you drop my expensive package on the ground so carelessly like that?”, etc. :robothappy:

do it, do it now!

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