Extend power cable on Keypad and Base Station

I need longer AC to DC power cables to permenently connect my keypad as well as my Base Station. Is there a Ring solution, after market solution or do I cut and splice additional wire?

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You can also get a longer micro USB cable for the keypad almost anywhere, but surely on amazon. I bought a shorter on on amazon. They sell all sizes.

For an AC extension cable, you can obviously buy them anywehere.

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I have three keypad that I extended with 25ft usb cable which I bought in Amazon. But this get disconnected after random hours. They never stay connected. It Only works on original cable about 6feet. How do I extend them?

Hi there, @Justin2! The Keypad utilizes an AC adapter, outputting 5V 1A, in order to receive power. An equivalent and fitting adapter can be used, and should work, as long as the power output is the same. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: